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Contra Costa County Is Hiring 9/2014


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  • Contra Costa County Is Hiring 9/2014

    Although I'm almost done with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office process, there's no guarantees, so I'm also applying to Contra Costa County who has a testing date set for September 13th.

    Is there anyone out there who works for or is familiar with CCSO?
    How long is the hiring process?
    How many Deputies are they looking to hire?
    How long their academy is?


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    Former CCCSO reserve with strong ties to some folks there. The downside of anything CCC is that county has poorly managed finances and its retirement plan for many years and the employees are paying the price in their paychecks and benefit contributions. They run one of the better academies in Northern CA:

    Due to a caselaw change in their retirement law they had an exodus of employees in recent months. They are hiring a bunch. With all the turnover you may see patrol after two years or less but hire on expecting to do at least three years of jail time. You'll learn to talk to crooks and after a year you can get onto SERT (jail house SWAT team). Morale and professionalism from the deputies in intake has been good from my perspective. I can't tell you what it is generally at the line level as my long time pals there all have stars and bars.

    CCCSO pays less than others around but they are a squared away agency with lots of variety if you choose to stick around.
    If you see me running try to keep up!


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      And any Academy in California is at least 880 hours. Agencies can add more.


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