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Police Departments demogprahics


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  • Police Departments demogprahics

    Is there any way to obtain that information?

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    Originally posted by Legion90 View Post
    Is there any way to obtain that information?
    I don't believe ethnicity is reported on POST Profiles. I don't recall.

    Other officer: Oh that's right, I forgot, you're God's gift to police work.
    Me: At least someone recognizes it.

    Turns out basic police work isn't so hard, you just have to leave the station.


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      What are you looking for? Race? It's in the SJ merc news for the Bay Area.


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        Yes race and not just the Bay Area, just of all police depts if possible. If anything, maybe the depts in Cali. Ever since this whole Fergueson incident, I've just been pretty curious about the demographics of the depts in Cali


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          law enforcement only has one race or gender. that is officer or deputy. the badge doesn't discriminate. Anyways to better answer your question I don't believe this information will be available on any database or website. You would probably have to contact each individual department.


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            So this is just for friendly anti-police banter?

            Having never seen any solid stats (except for that merc article... Which had some glaring holes in it) I will bet if you have an agenda you will be happy. As if racial make up is the only determination of effective community relations (<--- that's pretty racist if you think about it).

            Departments can only hire those who apply. Getting the word out is expensive. Few departments have extra money to spend. To the extend that diversity is encouraged it is hedged by the fact affirmative action is illegal in California.
            semper destravit


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              The Murky News? Hating on law enforcement is almost their sole reason for existence. That article was one of the most glaring examples of journalistic incompetence and intentional dishonesty ever. They confronted a black captain about why his department was 100% white. That alone negates the entire article.
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                Many agencies that put out annual reports include their internal demographics as one of the sections. It's usually larger agencies, though.

                As far as I know, there is no state "demographics database" or some other record. Why? Because it's really not important, in the grand scheme of things. If an agency can't get enough "diverse" applicants who can pass the same tests as "non diverse" applicants, they will hire only the qualified applicants, regardless of race/gender/orientation/religion/creed.


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