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Police agency trivia question


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  • Police agency trivia question

    Name the last(currently active) police protection district in the State of California?

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    Broadmoor Police located in San Mateo County.
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      Correct!!!!! I just read about them today.


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        San Mateo Sheriffs Could Take Over Broadmoor Police Services

        Posted on May 30, 2013 By Tonya Greg

        Members of the San Mateo Sheriff’s Department have confirmed they are being considered to take over Broadmoor Police Department services.

        This would not be the first time in recent years that the SMSD has stepped up to provide local law enforcement for smaller cities. Police departments throughout the county have been closing their doors. The reason is economical. It is often cheaper to contract with the San Mateo Sheriff’s Department than it is to pay for full time local staff.

        Half Moon Bay, San Carlos and Millbrae are just few of the cities that have hired the SMSD. Broadmoor Police Department operations cost approximately $2.2 million each year. Part of their budget comes from a special $397 property tax that is assessed to home-owning residents. The rest comes from governmental grants.

        The city says it has been mindful of how it allocates that budget. They have long been taking measures that allow them to stretch their dollars. Some of these measures include paying their insurance annually instead of monthly or quarterly.

        The local police chief said he is committed to making sure his department lasts. They have reportedly been around since 1948, he said, and he doesn’t want to see their doors close any time soon.

        It is unclear when and if the Broadmoor city council will put this proposal to a vote. The San Mateo Sheriff’s Department has yet to submit a formal bid. The matter is ongoing.


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          although their web site does not specially state I think Bear Valley PD is also a police district. When looking at the Bear Valley Community Service page they fall under Government Code, Sec 61000 et seq. Its pretty much a gated community with a Police Department.

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            Broadmoor is NOT a city. It is an unincorporated pocket of Daly City. Again, there is no city of Broadmoor.

            Historically, the Sheriff didn't want to staff a substation up there, so the community requested permission to form their own force.
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              There are a lot of park, water, school and college districts that have formed their own police departments, however, with respect to residential communities, there is one other in Siskiyou County, but I can't remember the name. It's been around for about 30 years.
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                Both Stallion Springs and Bear Valley are both still up and running in unincorporated Kern Co. And as L-1 mentioned Lake Shastina PD
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                  Kensington PD is part of a community service district and not a city.
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                    I think all the CSD and Police Protection Districts that run their own services have been mentioned. There are a handful of CSD and police protection districts that also contract out for additional police services on top of what the sheriff would normally provide... Off the top of my head, Fresno county has the Fig Garden Police Protection District, and the Orange Cove Police Protection District, and Riverside county has Del Luz CSD, and Southern Coachella CSD which contract with RSO for services.


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                      Question on this topic: If a CSD or Police Protection District exists for an unincorperated area, does CHP still provide traffic enforcement?


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                        I would say no. I had a buddy who worked for Broadmor and he never mentioned it.
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