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CA agencies with policies for EMT-Basics


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  • CA agencies with policies for EMT-Basics

    Good evening all,

    Last time I searched for agencies with boat patrol/marine units and I got outstanding results. I was recently tasked with a project at work, so I need your assistance. I am looking for information about agencies that have policies regarding EMT-Basic/Paramedic training and utilization. In addition, I am looking for agencies that sponsor their officers/deputies through the training. Could you please assist me in locating agencies so I can reach out to them and read up on their policies? Thanks in advance.

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    Only two that I'm aware of in the San Francisco Bay Area are Sunnyvale and Rohnert Park, however those are public safety agencies and the officers are all cross trained for PD, Fire and are EMT's. Have you looked into California State Parks or CHP? I thought they both had EMT-B type programs...
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      CHP used to train all of its new hires as EMTs. However, they found that the frequency of need for EMT services was so small that it did not justify the initial cost of training, equipment and annual recertification when the same services were already available from fire and ambulance personnel.

      Routine EMT training for all personnel was terminated many years ago. There are some staff who still maintain the status but I believe they are special duty personnel like helicopter crews, who also perform search and rescue.
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        I don't know of any agencies that have agency wide EMT qualifications or policies.

        I concur with above. All the ones I know of are specialized units. Tac Medics, Search and Rescue, etc.

        Even alot of Tac Medics I've seen are just medics from AMR, or ER Docs, Trauma nurses, etc.
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          Thanks guys. I am not necessarily looking for departments that train EVERY officer. I am mostly looking for departments that have policy written regarding the implementation/training of EMTs and scope of practice for them. My chief is possibly looking to get 2-3 officers per shift to this standard of training since we are 97 before fire the majority of the time. If you have other ideas, please share.


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            Thats most departments going on scene before fire. What your cheif should look at is officer safety. Having been an emt now deputy unless I have partner on scene I wait. Only exception is someone not breathing. For the most part everything else can wait till fire or amr show up.
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              We use both EMT's and Paramedics on my dept. All are special assignments (boat operators, search and rescue, emergency services detail {aka 240-Robert if you remember the old show})
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