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  • Commute times...

    So what are some of your guys' commute times? I'm at 40 mins....closer to 50 on Friday afternoons. Graves start at 6pm so I catch the start of rush hour.

    Whose got the longest? Shortest?

    Stay safe.

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    My current assignment (and probably last before I retire) gives me a 15 minute commute time....16-17 minutes if I happen to miss that one traffic light.

    My last patrol station was a 45-60 minute commute...one way.....and was a 90-120 minute commute (again, one way) until I moved a bit closer....
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      2 hrs. 15 minutes plus or minus depending on what time I'm headed in
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        12 minutes no traffic, 25 with. Option to take freeway or PCH.


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          37-40 minutes at 5am on sat/sun... With traffic . With traffic about an hour.
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            Six miles. Going at 6:00 for days, eight minutes. Swings, 12-15 minutes. Going home from days, 25-35 minutes.

            We move into our new HQ tomorrow. Five minutes away, seven if traffic is bad. About three minutes going home at 1:00 AM.
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              From my bed when I wake up to 10-8? About 30 feet...


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                Used to live 1.1 mile away from the station when I was renting. Now I'm 34 miles, and anywhere from 35 to 90 minutes along the 91 fwy.


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                  I miss the days of riding bike to work, now days it's a 20-30 min freeway drive.


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                    100 miles, typically 80 minutes. I work 3-12's and stay down in the Bay area two nights a week while working. Unconventional but it works for me and my family. It's really not that different a life from many firefighters who work 48's except my days off are consistent.
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                      Current shift. 35 mins.... but otherwise FUUKKK the 91 freeway


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                        I live on the 91 freeway...FML


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                          Not even two miles. It's beautiful.


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                            Update 2:35 p.m. Officer identified

                            The off-duty San Bernardino police officer who died in a motorcycle crash Thursday morning has been identified.

                            The San Bernardino Police Department said in a Thursday news conference that the victim of the crash was 30-year-old Shaun Jarvis, a father of three who spent eight years with the San Bernardino Police Department.


                            An off-duty San Bernardino police officer on a motorcycle died at the scene after he was struck by two cars on the 91 freeway Thursday morning, California Highway Patrol's Los Angeles Division confirmed to KPCC.

                            CHP spokesman Travis Monks from the CHP Inland Division in Riverside said that around 9 a.m. the motorcyclist was traveling in the HOV lane on the westbound 91 freeway west of main when a vehicle from the number 1 lane merged into the HOV lane and struck the rider. The rider became ejected and was thrown into the eastbound lanes where he collided with a vehicle traveling in the eastbound 91 freeway’s HOV lane.

                            The rider succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead on scene, said Monks.

                            CHP is still investigating who was at fault in the collision and are stopping traffic at times to conduct their investigation.


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                              RIP brother!
                              semper destravit


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