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Sheriff Deputy arrested for bank robbery


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  • Sheriff Deputy arrested for bank robbery


    SAN FRANCISCO -- Police arrested a San Francisco sheriff's deputy Friday morning in connection with a bank robbery in the city's Outer Richmond neighborhood earlier this month.

    Police arrested Phillip Tong this morning in the 400 block of Seventh Street on suspicion of felony robbery and burglary charges, according to Officer Albie Esparza.

    Sheriff's spokeswoman Susan Fahey confirmed that Tong is a sworn deputy with the department.

    This actually surprised me a bit.
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    Yea, just saw the news report on it...


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      Wow. An idiot of the highest order. Guess he didn't remember submitting his fingerprints to DOJ during the hiring process?

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Another black eye for law enforcement, unfortunately


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        Why does this surprise you?

        What about the commander at Pinole police who was just arrested for financial elder abuse?

        It happens, cops are people too and sometimes they go bad or are just very good at taking tests.

        This had little to do with his fingerprints and everything to do with his prior conduct.
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        semper destravit


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          I guess its always a little surprising to see whenever an officer is arrested, especially considering the amount of crap you have to go through just to get the job. There are literally thousands of qualified applicants out there trying to get a career started in law enforcement, and then to find out that there are still people who take advantage of the system is sickening. I just don't understand why someone is willing to throw it all away for a stupid crime like robbing a bank or abusing the elderly. I hope they feel like s**t when they face their families and other officers.


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            Only the sheriff in SF is allowed to commit crimes. Lowly deputies still need to follow the law.


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              The deputy filed for bankruptcy this past summer and was in debt for over $700,000.


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                It surprised me because he did it for a small amount of cash, didn't conceal himself, and left finger prints? I think a kid could've done it better. Whatever happened to thinking like a criminal. Oh, and I'm not talking about dumb criminals. I guess we are just human.
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                  Originally posted by eagleI View Post
                  The deputy filed for bankruptcy this past summer and was in debt for over $700,000.
                  Well good grief..... If you are going to file for Bankruptcy.... why rob a bank?


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                    I have the same last name...Guess I wont be applying to the sheriffs department! haha


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