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Torrance officer alleges he was Tasered


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  • Torrance officer alleges he was Tasered

    TORRANCE - A police officer who alleges he was Tasered by a superior officer to see if he was faking a back injury has filed a lawsuit against the city of Torrance.

    Officer Zachary Bazilius is seeking damages for assault and battery, disability discrimination, physical disability harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress, among other allegations.

    The Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit said the "outrageous and despicable" acts caused Bazilius to seek extensive medical treatment that will continue indefinitely. The Tasering also caused "severe nervous shock, shame, humiliation and embarrassment," the lawsuit alleges.

    The city denied the allegations.

    The lawsuit was filed last August, but wasn't made public until last week's City Council meeting. Officials sought Tuesday an allocation of $125,000 from the City Council for legal costs to an outside law firm that is defending the city. The money was approved unanimously.

    City officials had previously approved spending $35,000 on the case last year, an allocation never made public.

    Not surprisingly, city officials distanced themselves from the latest lawsuit.

    Mayor Frank Scotto declined to comment. He referred calls to City Attorney John Fellows, who did not return several telephone messages.

    Neither did Bazilius or the two attorneys representing him, Edward J. Deason and Harvey M. Horikawa.

    The lawsuit has pitted Bazilius against Sgt. Martin McGee.
    McGee is named as a defendant in the suit and is accused of retaliating against Bazilius.

    The lawsuit contends the incident occurred July 12, 2010, in the briefing room of the Torrance Police Department. Bazilius had experienced back pain and told his superiors as he sat in a chair. At the end of the meeting, Bazilius discovered "he was not able to get out of his chair."

    McGee "set out to prove that plaintiff was a liar."

    "Defendant Martin McGee of the Torrance Police Department came up behind plaintiff and discharged his Taser ... immediately behind plaintiff's head, which caused him to lurch forward, causing an immediate and profound increase in his back pain and causing permanent injuries," the suit states. "After discharging the Taser, defendant Martin McGee commented words to the effect that, `I guess he's not faking it."'

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    Doesn't sound like he was tasered to me.
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    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. -- Albert Einstein


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      I thought when someone is tasered, they can't move at all....isn't that the point? TPD is a very professional and squared away department. I don't believe this for a second.


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        Originally posted by FutureLEO77 View Post
        I thought when someone is tasered, they can't move at all....isn't that the point? TPD is a very professional and squared away department. I don't believe this for a second.
        Sometimes members of even the most "professional and squared away" organizations do stupid things. If this officer is able to prove his case (with a preponderance of evidence), the citizens of Torrance will pay dearly. I think all of us have seen members of our organizations engage in stupid and sometimes dangerous horseplay. This is a good example of why those kinds of things can't be tolerated in the workplace.
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          If he really did taser that officer, than of course, that was a beyond stupid thing to do.


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