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Alameda County Welfare fraud Investigators


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  • Alameda County Welfare fraud Investigators

    I saw an announcement for these guys a few weeks back. I noticed in the announcement it said they are fully sworn peace officers but were unarmed. Doing investigations in Oakland unarmed? anyone have any insight to what they do?

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    Alameda County Welfare Fraud Investigators

    I have done welfare fraud investigation, but I did it as a deputy sheriff. Needless to say, I brought along my friend Mr. Glock with me. While I can't comment specifically on how they do it in Alameda County, it was probably quite similar to what I did. We had a couple of civilians that were so called "front end" of fraud investigation and referred it to me on the "back end" if it looked like it should be charged criminally. The majority of the week seemed to be in the office working the telephone, typing on the computer, conducting interviews on the phone or in person. There really wasn't a lot of time actually in the field. It was one of the worst cop jobs I ever had. However, I wanted to be out and about. For some people it would be a great gig. I do know that welfare fraud investigation can vary considerably from place to place. Some places it is done by cops, other places attorneys, still other places civilians. I have even heard of some counties sharing investigators. Lots of different ways of doing it. As much as I would want a sidearm if I were doing it, it probably works out fine for them. It does really seem odd that they are "fully sworn peace officers", yet unarmed. I have heard of jailers that are fully sworn peace officers, but unarmed since they are working the jail. This, however, is a bit different.


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      Same here in CA. My Mo retired from LA.Co Welfare Fraud after doing 28 yrs with the DPSS. They do preliminary invs- and when it looks hot ,they pass them along to the L.A. County D.A's office, so the DA investigators can handle the arrest- they get basically the 832 PC training, at best- and are paper pushers who do interviews and collect info for either termination/suspension of a ":client", or criminal charges to be brought forth ( again by DA investigators).She left when they cut the fleet car usage( the "investigators" use their own cars now) and they started sending folks out to interview "clients" ALONE at times- they often go into gang infested neighborhoods, projects, and visit former parolees, felons, and gang members locations- again ,sometimes ALONE.

      They are NOT "cops", and I read a memo once in my moms documents reminding the investigators that they "interview" ,not interrogate"clients( not suspects). you get a shiny badge and ID, and DMV confidentiality- which in the age of the internet,MEANS virtually NOTHING if someone wants to "hunt you down " for payback.

      Here in L.A. county, they make $43k to $57k/yr to start, and require a min. of a AA degree. Again as posted earlier, a decent job for some. could you use it to get to other LE positions? I'm sure., met a DA Inv.I who started there
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