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La County Governor’s FY 2011-12 Proposed Budget


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  • La County Governor’s FY 2011-12 Proposed Budget

    • $1.802 billion from the transfer of Lower-level Offenders and Parole Violators from the
    State to counties. Approximately 37,000 offenders without any current or prior serious,
    violent, or sex convictions will become the responsibility of counties. It is estimated that
    approximately 13,550 convicted felons would serve their sentences in Los Angeles County
    jails. Based on 25.0 percent of the statewide caseload, the County would assume an
    estimated $450.5 million in additional program responsibilities.

    I know this topic has been discussed, but I'm curious how LASD can take on $450.5 million additionally when they are trying to get Baca to cut an additional $50 million? Maybe I'm confused, but I just don't see how LASD can survive this new deal, and continue to be stretched out with the new contracts and no money.

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    The money will come from somewhere. The county usually finds a way. We've been told that a whole other bureau would have to be created. Possibly 400 deps to work in the parole bureau. It will be interesting.
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      Maybe this is obvious, but I have no knowledge so I thought I would ask. Is hiring more parole officers through the country parole agency cheaper than re-tasking deputies? Or, are the 400 deputies going to be new hires with specialized parole officer training? Which makes more sense and cents for the county?


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        Don't know. Who knows really how many deps it will take to work that bureau. Maybe alot of the positions will be non sworn. There will also be more of a need to hire more deps for custody division. LASD is probably already down at least 500-1,000 deps.


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