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  • San Diego Sheriff recent hires

    Could any recent San Diego Sheriff's Department PATROL ONLY hires shed some light on the after appointment process for Patrol only? I have been told that ALL new hires (regardless of position applied for), spend at least one year in Detentions. I understand that the length of time spent in Detentions is based on availability for open positions within your chosen 3 Patrol stations of choice.

    My questions to recent PATROL ONLY hires are:

    1) How long did you spend in Detentions once hired?

    2) While working Detentions, were you salaried as a Patrol or Detentions Deputy?

    3 Was SDSO helpful in getting you out of Detentions and on the street where you wanted to be, or did you feel trapped in Detentions?

    Thank you for your feedback.

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    1. I spent 6 months at the courts. Some spent 6months to a year in courts or the jails.

    2. If your a law enforcement deputy you get paid as one.

    3. Your not detentions unless your hired as detentions. You may work in that environment but your stiff a LE deputy with LE powers on and off duty. Detentions only have LE powers while at work. You will be rotated out depending on the needs of the department. I spent only 6 months because they wanted deputies at the station I picked. You might have to wait longer for more of the popular stations depending on staffing and movement/promotions.


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