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    Hello Everyone,

    I applied to a Probation Aide position with Sacramento County and was notified not long ago that I was ranked #1. I am very excited to pursue this, and I hope to get the position. However, I am quite worried that since it is an on-call position, I may not earn enough to survive. Does anyone have any idea how many hours an Aide typically gets, and also is promotion likely once someone puts in time?

    Thank you kindly,
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    I'm not even entirely sure what a probation aide does...
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      Under close supervision, incumbents learn to apply the principles and techniques of probation work; supervise and counsel individuals detained in, committed to, or sheltered in one of several County juvenile institutions; supervise minors assigned to Work Project; and provide close supervision of minors placed on home supervision.

      Probation Aide is a temporary, on-call class. No permanent appointments will be made from eligible lists for this class. Appointments to Probation Aide positions require the employee to be immediately available. Regardless of time.

      • Principles and techniques applicable to the care and rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents;
      • The growth, development, needs and problems of minors
      • Symptoms of behavior disorders
      • Group dynamics
      • Codes, standards and regulations governing are and treatment of juveniles in juvenile hall, camps, ranches or schools
      • Principles of investigation and laws governing search, seizure and preservation of evidence
      • Counseling techniques
      • Basic housekeeping techniques
      • Hygienic standards
      • Motivational techniques
      • Crisis intervention
      • Self-defense
      • Appropriate use of force and security techniques
      • Rights and liabilities of peace officers

      • Secure the respect and confidence of adolescents
      • Cope with hostility and aggressive behavior
      • Work well as a member of a team
      • Exercise good judgment and act calmly in emergency situations
      • Recognize subtle changes in behavior
      • Read, write, and speak English at a level necessary for satisfactory job performance
      • Prepare concise and clear reports
      • Maintain records
      • Communicate with individuals from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds
      • Establish an maintain effective working relationships
      • Meet all physical requirements of the position
      “If a man wishes to be sure of the road he treads on, he must close his eyes and walk in the dark.”
      -St. John of the Cross


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        This does not sound like a permanent position, but rather "as-needed." Being on-call is not fun. I could be wrong, but it looks like you will basically be supervising minors detained in a county facility. Are they even offering you any benefits or a chance to promote in the future? If not, I'd be a little suspicious. Especially since you'll be working with young criminals who are most likely going to become adult criminals.
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          You can work anywhere from 4 hours to 40. It's as needed. It will mostly be watching Juvie's in the yard, or escorting them, or monitoring bed time. Don't count on the income. Get a regular job and supplement it with this.
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