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Off-Duty LAPD officer killed in 101 fwy crash RIP


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  • Off-Duty LAPD officer killed in 101 fwy crash RIP

    An off-duty LAPD officer was killed after crashing his truck into a guard rail in Sherman Oaks on Saturday.

    The officer was found at about 3:30 a.m. still belted into the driver's seat on the 101 Freeway at the Van Nuys Boulevard off ramp. He was taken to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he died.

    Authorities with the California Highway Patrol said the officer's truck hit a guard rail, which pierced through his vehicle.

    The officer was not immediately identified.

    The cause of the crash was under investigation.

    City News Service contributed to this report.

    Story posted 2011.04.23 at 11:38 AM PDT

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    An additional article:
    SHERMAN OAKS - An off-duty Los Angeles police officer was thrown out of his pickup truck in an early-morning Ventura (101) Freeway crash Saturday, and died two hours later at a Westwood hospital.

    The officer’s name was not immediately released by the LAPD.

    He died at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center at 5:34 a.m., two hours after the wreck on the eastbound freeway at Van Nuy Boulevard.

    A slow-moving motorcade of 10 LAPD units, with lights and sirens, escorted the officer’s body as a coroner’s van crossed Los Angeles via four freeways starting at 1:15 p.m. A police helicopter and CHP officers accompanied the motorcade from UCLA to the Coroner’s Office on Mission Road, in the shadow of the LAPD operations center at Piper Tech.

    The fallen officer has worked at the LAPD’s Southwest Station, said department spokesman Gregory Baek.

    The man was found, gravely injured and still belted into the driver’s seat, on the freeway’s Van Nuys Boulevard offramp. The seat and driver had been shoved out of the the cab’s rear window as the truck struck a guard rail at 3:21 a.m., said LAPD Sgt. Carl Taylor.

    A California Highway Patrol officer said in a statement that the driver “drifted off the main travel portion of the roadway” and drove into a metal guardrail at the exit.

    “The guard rail penetrated the interior of the pickup,” the CHP officer said, pushing both the driver’s seat and its occupant out the rear window.
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      Rest in peace.
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        Here is a photo of the truck......................

        Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence!

        [George Washington (1732 - 1799)]


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          From the other thread on this topic

          Officer Jose Diance was 23, he just finished probation and was waiting to wheel to his new division. Officer Diance was a police explorer with the LAPD as a teenager, a civilian student worker after and was hired as a Police Officer at 21. He lived and breathed the LAPD and was fulfilling his dream of serving the citizens of Los Angeles.

          During his probation and the few months after at Southwest Division he was humble and showed his willingness to learn from everyone he worked with. He was excited to be there everyday and wasn't afraid to show it. Out of all the probationers that I have seen come through Southwest Division he was at the top of the list and exceeded his peers in every category.

          Officer Diance aspired to rise to the rank of at least Sgt II and work at training division teaching in service and recruits to be the best LAPD Officers they could be as his mentor had trained him.

          Officer Diance, I'm sorry your life was cut so short bro, I'm glad that I can say I had the pleasure of working with you and getting to know you. Rest in peace brother, the Officers of Southwest Division who will forever be your brothers thank you and will continue to carry out your mission, our mission.
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            Rest in peace, Officer Diance.

            Best wishes to his family.
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              I'm very sorry to hear of this loss. Prayers sent for the family, friends and brother/sister officers.
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                he was a GROWN man ,who could carry a gun and take a life if he had to, but in reality, he was still "just a kid", and that makes it all the more harder to think about. He was about my age when I became an officer( I was about 22 then). You have the whole world to seek out and esperience when you are young, and you never think about it coming to an end. He will be missed, if for nothing else, than the thought of what he could have done, and the lives he could have touched in a positive way....
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