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Sacramento modular academy choice?


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  • Sacramento modular academy choice?

    Dear All,
    I'm currently a self-sponsor looking to go through a modular Level III/Level II academy to become a reserve officer. Right now my choices are between Sierra College and Los Rios - does anyone have any experience with either? Any pros/cons about either? How are their reputations? Am I missing any other schools in the Sacramento area?

    I apologize in advance for the newbie questions - I just want to make the right choice! I sincerely appreciate the help!

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    Both programs are fine but since the Los Rios program is closely associated with SSD and SPD it may open more doors to you.

    More hard times are headed toward Sacramento area law enforcement so layoffs and cutbacks will increase the field of candidates for agencies to pick from. Besides picking an academy look for ways that you will set yourself apart from the other candidates in the field. Computer skills and foreign languages (Spanish and Russian in particular) are things agencies can put to use and will set you apart from the other academy grads.
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      Just an add-on question for anyone who has taken or has experience with Modular Level III Classes.

      I'm also thinking of taking a level III class in the NorCal area. My question is about the pace of the class and how fast it is, or isn't. I recently finished an accelerated E.M.T. course and the pace was fairly fast - Meeting 2 days week in the evening (1800-2200) and Saturday (0900-1800) for 2 months. Tons of reading and 1 to 2 tests per week. How does Module III compare? Is the pace acclerated or more like a tradtional college course.



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        Most of the Level III classes are accelerated. Usually 2 months, part-time, 164 hours. Academy structure.


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