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If you interview for Concord PD expect a sexual harrasment type oral board question


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  • If you interview for Concord PD expect a sexual harrasment type oral board question

    Someone must have thier sights on Concord, they are all to easy to go after for this kind of stuff now.


    The highest ranking woman with the Concord Police Department who has filed two sexual harassment lawsuits over the past 12-years, and collected close to $300,000, is now being sued for sexual harassment by a female civilian police employee, according to court documents obtained by CLAYCORD.com.

    Lt. Robin Heinemann recently settled a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Concord Police Department for $150,000, and now, Wendy Schwartzenberger, who was supervised by Heinemann for several years at the Northern Field Office, says she was sexually assaulted several times by Heinemann, who is the only female lieutenant within the Concord Police Department.

    The complaint accuses Heinemann of several acts of sexual harassment, including grabbing Schwartzenberger during a photo with a neighborhood partnership group, and saying she wanted to have a threesome with Schwartzenberger in the middle.

    Heinemann is also accused of undressing in front of the plaintiff, and saying all she wanted was "dinner & fu*k". Schwartzenberger says she was hugged and kissed dozens of times by Heinemann from the front and back, and called a "good little dyke".

    In 2009, Schwartzenberger also claims that Heinemann outed her as a lesbian during a lunch with fellow officers.

    Schwartzenberger is also suing the City of Concord, because according to her, they knew about the continued harassment and failed to stop it from happening.

    In the complaint, the plaintiff claims the acts of every defendant alleged above were done maliciously, oppressively, and/or fraudulently. Defendants either intentionally personally engaged in such outrageous misconduct, as alleged herein, or had advance knowledge of the harassing, discriminatory conduct of the other agents and supervisory employees but nevertheless failed to take action to abate the wrongful conduct, with conscious disregard of the rights and safety of plaintiff and other employees, and/or otherwise authorized or ratified the wrongful conduct of the offenders. As a result, according to the complaint, the plaintiff is entitled to recover punitive damages against all defendants, who had advance knowledge of the unfitness of Lt. Robin Heinemann and continued to employ her, and ratified the intentional, outrageous, malicious conduct as set forth above after managing agents were given notice of such conduct.

    The City of Concord failed to respond to a request for a comment about the lawsuit, which was filed late last week in Contra Costa County Superior Court.

    The first court date is set for late August of 2011. Both Heinemann & Schwartzenberger are still employed by the Concord Police Department.

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/...#ixzz1I6WKZvYn
    "Corruptisima republica plurimae leges."

    "The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws."
    - Cornelius Tacitus

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    HAHAHA! About time the "females" were held to the same standard as men. You can't hide behind your militant lesbianism anymore!
    Free Deke O'Mally!!!


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      Hahaaa, just googled the Lt. name and clicked on images and sha bam, I'm not surprised..


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        Shes hawt!!!!
        R.I.P. Officer Wayne McLaughlin


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