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    I know there are a ton of officers from LA on this forum, has anyone heard anything about academy classes this year?

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    The city counsel wants to go ahead with the april class and then suspend hiring til after the fiscal year is over, havent heard anything other than that, they are down several hundred officers though and I know the mayor wants to keep hiring.


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      Yeah, Bandit, their website says they're hiring. Then again, who knows what that means with the way California is right now. "Hiring" could mean a number of things. Then again, it is LA, and they could ALWAYS use more good officers.
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        What is the timeline from the day that you test until the day that you actually get a job offer and go to the Academy for LAPD? What is the average timeline? 1 year? It seems like most of LE job takes about 6 months to a year to get hire.


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          LAPD timeline varies greatly but it's a really long wait right now. When I got picked up it took 4 months from first written test to start date, BUT I had already been employed as a police officer out of state, didn't stay long enough to be able to lateral by POST standards, I also had 2 letters of rec from 2 PD's and my background package was complete and up to date by another agency in NC that had given me an offer but then went under hiring freeze.

          Some of my academy classmates had been in process well over a year some over 2 years.

          Right now with small classes and not having a class every month the process is taking A LOT longer.

          If it were up to 99% of the rank and file hiring would STOP, and possibley fire the last year of guys hired.

          The city of LA CAN NOT afford a dept of 10,000. The city of LA CAN NOT afford a dept of 9,963 which they are currently trying to maintain. Let guys retire, don't replace them and let the ranks go down to around 8,000. Not all that long ago the LAPD had fewer than 7,000 and it wasn't the end of the world. Most of the guys retiring are higher ranking so if there is an avg salary of 105k x 1963 retirees = over 206 million in savings.

          How can they justify cutting the pay of guys who are already there and still say they need to expand and hire more! It's like the guy who can't afford his Honda Civic payments so he goes to trade it in and buys a BMW and pays more a month for it, it just doesn't work.
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            A proposed hiring freeze at the LAPD that could save nearly $4 million over two years is gaining momentum at City Hall and within the ranks of LA's finest.
            "You don't hire new officers if you can't afford to pay them," said Police Protective League President Paul Weber in an interview.
            Imposing a three-month freeze would save $725,000 for the fiscal year that ends June 30, and more than $3 million next year, said Los Angeles City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana.
            Santana's proposal would reduce the number of police officers by 37, from 9,932.
            Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who has made beefing up the force a priority, opposes the freeze. He has vowed to add 1,000 officers to the force and is short of that goal.
            But the mayor might have a fight on his hands as he and the City Council struggle to bridge a nearly $40 million budget gap for the current year and a shortfall for the coming year that is expected to top $350 million.
            The city's Budget and Finance Committee unanimously approved the plan on Monday.
            City Councilman Richard Alarcon said he is open to the temporary freeze in hiring. "I'm not going to say there are no sacred cows," he said. "But even the sacred cuts have to be cut."
            The hiring freeze is being billed as a temporary measure, though extending it is also an option, said Weber, whose Los Angeles Police Protective League has nearly 10,000 members. Last year, the city council rejected a similar proposal.
            With LA's financial problems likely to get worse, with a predicted deficit that tops half a billion dollars by 2014, a temporary hiring freeze might not be deep enough of a cut, Weber said.
            "There needs to be a full discussion on the issue. They need to look five years down the road as opposed to putting a Band-Aid on the problem this year," he said.
            "Based on the budget shortfalls, it makes more sense to take a serious look at the hiring of new officers as opposed to hiring them and furloughing them down the road, after the city invests majorly in training them and getting them ready for duty," he said.
            Weber also worries that officers may not get pay for overtime in the future if a comprise can't be reached. He hopes that one solution gaining traction in departments around the country might work for Los Angeles.
            "It might make more sense for some work better handled by civilians be transferred out of the department," says Weber.
            The proposed hiring freeze could bolster the savings realized under the recently approved ballot measure that cuts retirement benefits of new police and firefighters.
            The reduction in pension benefits measure for firefighters and police officers will to go into effect at the beginning of the next fiscal year and will save city tax payers $3 billion over the next 30 years.

            The average timeline for my academy class was probably over a year, with the lowest being 2 months. I can only imagine that timeline has lengthened since then.


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              Thank you for inside information. It seems likes the bigger the department , the longer you have to wait for the hiring process.


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