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How does the "contract city" thing work?


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  • How does the "contract city" thing work?

    Do SOs that have contracts with certain towns and cities always have a station from which they patrol the town exclusively, or are sheriff's stations responsible for a given contract city usually responsible for unincorporated areas around that city and possibly other contract cities as well?
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    I can only comment about LASD. It depends. If the contract city is big, they usually get their own station. Smaller cities that get patrolled share a station. They don't need their own station. Some smaller cities pay for a sub-station. It is not a full blown patrol station. Deps report to the substation, but are technically assigned to a larger station.


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      With the Riverside SO, we do it kinda like LASO. We have 1 contract city that has its own station, that's Moreno Valley. The rest are patrolled outta the nearest county station. Take my station for example, I work outta the Perris Station. We patrol the contract cities of Perris, Menifee and Canyon Lake. We also have the county areas surrounding them. If a deputy is assigned to work the contract city, they will have patches that say Perris Police, Menifee Police, etc. The cars also have graphics for that specific city. The only thing that's uniform for the dept is the uniform and badge. It kinda gives the issusion that the city has its own dept.
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        First and foremost, you realize you posted in the CA section. The answers here will be CA specific.

        Are there no contract cities in CT?

        A general explanation is that the contract city gets what it wants. If the city wants the deputies to wear city patches and drive specifically marked vehicles they will get it. If the city doesn't want their deputies to handle calls in the unincorporated areas, then they will not.

        My old city only paid for 15-18 hours of service a day. They get about 5 hours a shift, but I had to handle every call that came out, so billing got interesting. That city didn't care if I handled the unincorporated around the city limits.

        There have been a couple cities in the State that were contract cities but then created their own PDs. The reverse is true as well. Some cities contract out to the SO or even another city. There are no hard and fast rules that regulate what happens to a city police officer if his or her dept is disbanded and the SO takes over.

        If the contract city wants to build a station then they can, or donate a building to use or the county can spend the funds and build or rent. The Contract cities in my county are all next to each other and they all talk to each other. We moved from one city to another when we got too big for our old station.
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          We have 9 contract cities, and they decide how many patrol and traffic deputies they want to pay for, and they only cover that city. Most of the contract cities have a station, and it acts as the station for the deputies who cover the surrounding unincorp area.

          Depending on the area, some contract cities have a larger area then the county, in others it's vice-versa.

          We also have sub-stations for the more far-flung areas of the county.
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            My county has 4 contract cities. Deputies turn into officers (tan uniforms to blue uniforms, white cars to black and whites) while assigned there. They all have their own police stations and usually patrol only the city, but go to county calls as backup (all these particular cities are next to or surrounded by pockets of unincorporated).


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              Major difference with LASD.....if you are going to contract with us, you get LASD Deputies.....wearing tan and green with LASD patches.

              None of this nonsense of different patches, uniforms ects.....the only input the city has is that the radio cars can have slighty different emblems that state 'city of xxxxxxx' still state Los Angeles Sheriffs Department on them in several places.
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                And while cars may be dedicated to a city when the stinky stuff hits the rotating device everything becomes a shared resource. Not only will you get cars assigned to surrounding county areas or cities from the same station you will get whatever other cars as needed from other stations too
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                  We have contract cities and unincorportated areas within cities.

                  For the contract cities they have their own stations.....for unincorportated there is a substation.
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                    In my opinion there is an advantage of utilizing the contract city method. If a city has their own PD and they have a major event, they have to use clemars to contact other cities for assistance and you have no idea of what may or may not show up. Cities having a contract with a county just have to pick up their mic and give one call and because the county has so many units surrounding the contract city, and they all use the same central dispatch center, help is much faster to arrive and in greater numbers.


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                      Originally posted by mdrdep View Post
                      And while cars may be dedicated to a city when the stinky stuff hits the rotating device everything becomes a shared resource. Not only will you get cars assigned to surrounding county areas or cities from the same station you will get whatever other cars as needed from other stations too
                      Same here, as well as what LA Dep said about the marked cars. It's all Sheriff.

                      One big event can tie up all the resources, so deputies from other areas will not only cover, they may handle priority calls in the affected area. We also have 50% activation for all stations for the really big stuff.
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                        One thing I know in my career, the contract cities get a hell of a lot more service than what they pay for... Long before we had any of the programs that monitored police service, I don't know how many times a contract city that only contracted for one criminal and one traffic car had the poop hit the fan and needed 20 2 man cars to quell a major 415...

                        I know when I worked San Dimas station, Deputies were told not to tell the citizens that the city only paid for one criminal car for 24 hours and a traffic car for 16 hours.. most citizens thought 6-8 cars patrolled the city as they saw all the cars in the station lot and had no idea that the station patrolled a huge county area.

                        I recall a day when I was the Watch Sgt. at Walnut Station and a citizen asked me how many cars patrolled the city.. I told them one crime and one traffic car.. they were shocked and thought the city had 10-12 cars on duty.. They had no idea that the station patrolled the huge area it did.

                        The next day the Captain called me in his office and chewed my butt...I told him the citizens have a right to know what services their city is paying for and I wasn't going to lie to them when they asked what kind of police service they had...
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                          Just to add there are a lot more agencies that "contract" beyond cities. Manly transit district, schools, public colleges, and indian tribes. And the contract's aren't limited to police services. Any public service can be contracted out. Fire is very often contracted out with police.

                          And while the vast majority of contract cities go with their county sheriff, they are not limited to the sheriff. There are several cities that contract with other neighboring city police departments- Sante Fe Springs and Yorba Linda off the top of my head.

                          I don't know how many times a contract city that only contracted for one criminal and one traffic car had the poop hit the fan and needed 20 2 man cars to quell a major 415...
                          I don't doubt that contracting is a good deal for many smaller cities, but even small areas have the ability to call in mutual aid. When I worked for a medium sized city in the IE there were many times the surrounding departments came together on major incidents. Help was just a broadcast away on the county wide dispatch center intercomm. And now days everyone in most areas have radio interoperability.


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                            Wearing city specific patches and anything else city specific on county equip. is hardly nonsense- if you have any sense of modern C.O.P/P.O.P. philosophies, you should realize the importance of making community feel like they are a part of the solution. Nothing wrong with pride in your county, but being visibly supportive in giving your community partnership in crime suppression/enforcement goes A LONG WAY.

                            My Mother in Law is CONVINCED that Menifee has it's own Police Dept.- nothing will convince her otherwise- she's seen the car doors! and her pride in that isn't alone.

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                              There is no uniformity. That's why it's nonsense to have different patches and uniforms. The community is actually confused as who patrols their community. It separates the Deputies also. It should be uniform. People just want someone to show up when they call 911. They could really care less what the patch says. They can still have pride in the Deps who patrol their neighborhood. Has nothing to do with C.O.P. philosophies.


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