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  • Written test schedule conflict

    Afternoon gents,

    Ok so I have both RSO and Culver City PD scheduled for tomorrow. Which would be the better one, in your opinion, to attend? Also, do either use the PELLETB or do they use privatized tests?

    Any and all responses are appreciated. Other information is also welcomed!


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    I have been there before too. It all depends on what you want to do and which agency you are more willing to pursue. Both are sure to have a ton of applicants where Culver City will be hiring a smaller number than RSO. All else you could always flip a coin! I don't know what Culver City uses but RSO uses a type of privatized test done on the computer.


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      I've got the Culver City PD written tomorrow as well. I think it comes down to personal choice. If I were at your crossroad, I would personally choose Culver City PD, just my preference. But as ch*** said, I think the hiring pool for culver city is a lot smaller than RSO.

      I've applied to 7 different local agencies all in so cal, but none with the sheriff's department. I know pay isn't everything, but it is a factor for me since I have a mortgage and one child on the way. Starting pay for local municipalities seem to be higher than the sheriff's department.

      Good luck.


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        you have to decide what your career goals are and can you reach them with either agency. RSO uses the POST T-Score as their written.
        I'd rather be judged by 12 rather carried by 6.

        It should be noted that any and all post that are made are based on my own thought and opinions. And are not related or implied to represent the department I work for.


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          I would take the RSO exam just because your chances of getting hired are gonna be better. Though I would rather work for Culver City PD, in this economy you just need to get your foot in the door. The smaller agencies like CCPD are testing 400-600 applicants for 5 positions. I am taking it on Friday March 18th and you are taking it tomorrow so you know there are alot of people testing. As far as the written exam is concerned, I think they use the standard P.O.S.T exam but they would not confirm or deny that when I spoke to them.
          Best of luck!
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            Thanks everybody. Camelotskin, I was using your logic when trying to make the decision. Foot in door or preferable place to work. If I had the 18th as my CCPD date, I'd definitely go. I will also be attending NBPD test in 2 weeks and that's actually my preference.


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              I forgot to mention to try to re-schedule for the 17th or 18th. It may be kinda late now, but assuming they are testing those three days...the 16th, 17th, and 18th, you may want call tomorrow at 8am and ask. I will also be taking NBPD on the March 26th. They are also a smaller agency with only a few spots similar to CCPD. I spoke to them today and they will only be taking the "top scores" so even if we pass the written exam we still may not be invited to the P.A.T.. I am also taking Burbank PD on April 7th, so you may want to check them out as well. They use the standard P.O.S.T. exam and that test is cake. Irvine is hiring as well. TTYL


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                Yea, NBPD said 4 spots and they took 400 applications. Applied Irvine, as well. I'll have to check out Burbank. Thanks for the heads up.


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                  Good luck with NBPD guys, I applied to NBPD but disqualified myself for answering misreading one question and answering no. To give you a heads up, Torrance PD is always hiring recruits. I think the next written test cycle is in May. I'm waiting for them to schedule me for the Oral Interview on the 1st or the 4th of April. If you are willing to drive, San Diego Sheriff's is hiring as well. I applied to Irvine, but did not pass the Oral. Oh well, I thought they would like the fact that I was military, but maybe I was a bit too aggressive in answering some of their situational questions.


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