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Lateral transfer...questions about process.


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  • Lateral transfer...questions about process.

    I'm looking for info on how the Lateral transfer process works...specifically when you are in the process of applying what happens when your current dept finds out, esp if you do not get the job with the dept you applied as a lateral to?

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    Originally posted by SoCalguy09 View Post
    specifically when you are in the process of applying what happens when your current dept finds out, esp if you do not get the job with the dept you applied as a lateral to?
    you get passed up for special assignments and promotions


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      I don't think any agency in CA would be so small minded to think their officers are totally happy and content with the operations. So, one who has put out feelers to another agency is nothing to get upset about. It happens all of the time in all agencies and no retribution is forthcoming in those incidents. At most, management might query your reasons for wanting to leave; and, then again, perhaps they might wish to have you go. jk!
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        must have been my imagination


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          Some supervisors at agencies can be vindictive. Usually you keep quite about leaving until you move on to backgrounds, then notify your supervisor.


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            Its an agency to agency thing. I once tested for Sgt at another PD that was just being formed, I let my agency know from the get go. maybe not smart but I felt like it was the ethical thing to do. I made it clear I wasnt looking to lateral I was looking to promote. As it turned out I made it to the final 16 but not the final 12 they were hiring. They offered me a a lateral postion but I turned them down, again I wasnt looking to lateral.

            The incident never hurt me a bit at my current agency and I was promoted to detective a few months later.

            It really depends on your reason for going. If your going because you hate everyone you work with, that might not be a thing you want to let out.
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              It costed me a K9 position AND delayed from me promoting from corporal to Sgt. for a year (rather have the dog). AND I am not complaining about it, I don't blame the management at all for it. What sucks is a buddy of mine was in the same boat and had been the golden boy of his sheriffs dept. was trying to lateral out, his Captain contacted the scheduling Sgt. and switched him from day shift to graveyard saying "we only reward the loyal".
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                I remember some brass in CERTAIN depts will open a case on you if given a chance IF they do NOT want to have officers leave, so they can keep you there,,,,,AND of all the depts, even in the CHP it happens.
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                  Yes it happens.


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