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  • CHP Duty Pistol

    When, oh when will the CHP upgrade their current duty pistol? I fondly remember when they first adopted the 4006 and was actually hoping that during the testing they'd pick the 4506. Back then, the hot pistol for most police agencies was the Beretta 92F...oh yeah, I don't even think I had a driver's license when the transition was made! Ha! Ha!

    I'm sure the likely candidate would be the S&W M&P40, but who knows? Are there any new pistol trials coming up for the CHP? Just curious...

    On a somewhat related note, when State Traffic Officers carried revolvers, were they issued or could they carry a personally-owned firearm? I seem to recall all sorts of K-Frame, L-Frame and maybe even a few Colts spotted back in the day, 4" and 6" barrels, blue steel and stainless.

    My old haunts were near Central and South Los Angeles up until 2006 when I moved to the Great Lakes State.

    Thanks for your input!

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    I think they did. I think they went to the SW 4056 TSW that supports the tac light. My Dept just went to the SW4566TSW


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      Wow...what a huge step up! I guess it makes sense...same magazines, holsters, etc. Was hoping that they would have gone with something a little more, uhh, modern.

      Are you with a state agency, FlyingPig?


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        Into the 1970s, officers could carry any approved, six-shot, wheel gun with a 6" Bbl length - standard or magnum: Colt, S&W, certain models of Wesson. The agency began providing handguns in the later 70s. Even then, if you were previously carrying a Colt, S&W or Rem, you could reject the Department's offer and carry your own weapon. I personally carried a 6" S&W model 19 (Highway Patrolman) until issued the 686 with a 4" Bbl and +P ammo. I retired before receiving a 40.
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          I wonder why they didn't switch to the M&P. When we went from our 4006s to M&Ps, I understand Smith and Wesson made us a pretty good deal on it. The M&P is light years ahead of the 4006.


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