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Fountain Valley/Westminster PD merger?


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  • Fountain Valley/Westminster PD merger?

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    Interesting. Could it be; Fountain-Minister PD, Valley-West PD, FVW PD, Fountain West PD?
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      OR it could start Orange County Police Department.


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        that would save a lot of coin IMHO


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          Isn't Westminster building a new PD?


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            There were talks about the merger however I don't believe there are any serious plans for it anymore. Check out WPD's building:



            PRO-Leo .. you were close.. the buzz word was "West Valley PD" .. puke.
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              That would be a hug mistake for FV. The city has very little crime while WPD has some bad areas. the cops assigned to the FV beats would bail as soon as they went in service looking for hooks in the WPD areas. There would be no cops patroling FV and twice as many in Westminster.
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              GM, you have just set the bar that much higher for the rest of us in our witty, sarcastic responses. I yield to you! Good job, kind Sir!

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              "We are not cops nor Feds." yet he still poses as an officer Hmmmm

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                I wouldn't go as far as sayings its a huge mistake.. Beats are beats.. if anything the quality of service would go up for the residents of FV since they will see an increase in resources (i.e. forensic services, property, jail services, investigations, you name it).

                I know one of the main issues that came up was how the FV city council doesn't get along with the PD whereas Westminster's city council is pro-pd. Then you have to figure out who is the governing body of the new police department, how you merge the officers including management employees.. it was a tricky thing to try and figure out.


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                  Westminster PD could just patrol FV as a contract city and FVPD would just be absorbed. (as with the City of Yorba Linda in OC, and Santa Fe Springs and Cudahy in LA Co)

                  There was a news article years ago of the City of Artesia being taken over by La Palma PD as well.

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                    Or they could make Fountain Valley one giant gated community.


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                      My Phys Geo. prof is an ex-city planner for FV. The way he talks about FV, it seems like its the last 1950's era style city left. Not a bad thing, I wouldn't mind raising a family there.
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