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  • Bay Area trip

    For any bay area coppers....or really, anyone in the know.

    The wife and I are taking a trip to the Bay Area in mid-April. Since it's the first time either of us have been there, any recommendations on places to go, restaurants, etc. Staying in the Fisherman's Wharf area.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Scoma's Seafood Restaurant on the warf...but expensive! You can also go inland to North Beach (Italian section) and find some good food. Gordon Birsch is down by Giants ball park on the Embarcadero, good food and beer, many t.v's for sports. The warf doesn't give you your bang for your buck! Keep me posted.

    P.S. times are tough, it's the big city, keep your head on a swivel...but enjoy!


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      Chinatown. There are some fantastic little hole-in-the-wall places with great food. Golden Gate Park is nice, too, and check out the Japanese Tea Garden. Down by Pier 39 or Fisherman's Wharf, they have an old square rigger and a WWII sub that you can tour.
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        Alcatraz !


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          I just got back yesterday from a four day trip down there and had an awesome time. I second the recommendation for Chinatown. I had some real good food at a little hole in the wall place there. Also, the souvenirs and such are cheaper there.

          Pier 39 is a cool place, but everything is overpriced. I ate there two of the nights at Hard Rock Cafe and Bubba Gumps. Cool places, but expect to spend about $30 a person on meals.

          If you are looking at going to a bunch of places around the city, look into getting the CityPass. It's only $64 and it is valid for 9 days. It gives you unlimited Muni transportation (Streetcars, light rail, buses, and cable cars). It also has tickets in it for the Aquarium of the Bay, Academy of Sciences, Bay Cruise, Museum of Modern Art, Deyoung/ Legion of Honor Museums, The Exploratorium. It's well worth it because admission to all the places would be about double what the citypass costs.

          I used all public transportation while I was down there. It is all convenient to get to. You can take the streetcar from right in fron of Pier 39 down to Embarcadero Station (near the Ferry Building) and connect to the light rail that takes you all over the city. If you continue past the ferry Building on the streetcar, there are stops for Union Square, the Civic Center, and the Financial District too. All are cool places to visit. There is also a huge 6 story mall along the route too.

          Golden Gate Park has quite a bit to do. The N-Judah light rail line drops off near the soutern border of the park.

          If you want to go to Alcatraz, make sure to go online and get your tickets a week or so in advance as they sell out pretty quick.

          Other than that, if you want to get some good views of the Golden Gate Bridge, drive up into the Marin Headlands on the north end of the bridge or go up to the Land's End area in the northwest corner of San Francisco.

          Not much more I can think of right now. I kind of explored the whole city and probably walked about 10 miles each day.


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            Buena Vista for Irish coffee (it's at the cable car turnaround.) Then catch the cable car thru Chinatown to Union Square. Watch out for pickpockets.
            Maybe a bay cruise? If you're driving go across the GG Bridge & check out Sausalito & Tiberon. Also good views from the Golden Gate National Park on the North side of the bridge. (I can't remember if that's the name right now.)
            If you head down Hwy 1 to Pacifica & south you can watch our state slowly disappear into ocean!


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              Went to SF like 5 yrs ago and I absolutely loved it. It was a change for a little
              hoodrat such as myself. Then i got married (the whole 9)and moved out of
              state and have been wanting to go back to visit.

              Good timeS and good food. Hope your visit and experience is a good one.


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                Hornblower Yacht cruise dinner, takes off from Pier 31. very nice, 3.5 hour cruise including live music, dancing and dinner. if it's a warm night, great to stand on the top deck and observe...

                Chinatown or the "other" chinatown on Clement between 7th to 20th avenue
                coit tower

                hotels - you can stay down by pier 39 but you'll pay. try the hotels (Holiday Inn, Sheraton, etc) on Van Ness (at about Geary Blvd) or on Market at 3rd (downtown area). it's not as expensive. all accessible to public transit, etc.

                izzy's steak house 3349 Steiner in SF. some of the best steaks / chops you'll have at a great price

                spinnaker restaurant in sausalito. GREAT place to take the wifey. on the end of a pier, great views, great food, a little pricey tho. you'll go over the golden gate bridge to this location.

                alcatraz trip.

                angel island trip.

                golden gate park, deyoung museum, academy of sciences, exploratorium, palace of fine arts (great photo opportunities), lake merced. sf zoo

                fort mason

                the presidio

                another good place to eat / drink - the cliff house, on the great highway overlooking the ocean.

                japantown (post at webster streets). cherry blossom festival coming up in april too...

                union square - great shopping in the downtown area.

                BEWARE: most touristy areas, pick pockets, scam artists and homeless begging.....
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                  A new favorite: Walt Disney Museum at the SF Presidio - his oscars, drawings, scale model of Disneyland - Disney from A to Z. A little pricey, but worth it if you're interested in the subject.

                  An old favorite: Fort Point - a Civil War-era fort under the Golden Gate Bridge on the SF side.

                  I'm more into history than art galleries, so I'll leave those recommendations for others.


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                    Just came back from SFO yesterday. If drinking is your thing, you can checkout Saint George Spirits in Alameda, Pyramid Beer in Berkeley of Anchor Brewing in the city. At Saint George's we were able to taste about 14 or more spirits for $10 or $15 (with absinthe). Also you can tour their stills and speak to a distiller. There located on the old navy base so you have a great view of the bay. At Pyramid Beer they had a 30min tour and you could taste 3beers, plus you can order food. Tried to get a tour at Anchor Brewing but they were booked until the first week of April. Or you can look on yelp for several free tours of the city or restaurants.



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                      Thanks all for the idea, I've built up quite the travel guide! We'll be up this week, I'll have to share the pictures when we get back.
                      Other officer: Oh that's right, I forgot, you're God's gift to police work.
                      Me: At least someone recognizes it.

                      Turns out basic police work isn't so hard, you just have to leave the station.


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