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FYI state income tax increased 10% going forward


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  • FYI state income tax increased 10% going forward

    just a heads up, your next pay check will be smaller.
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    Not mine. We figured out how much my state income tax was going to total for the year, and that I'd already paid it as of a month ago. Rather than get a refund in April, I stopped state withholding for the rest of the year. If it winds up not being quite enough, we'll write a check, but the state isn't going to raid my pay and use it. I need it more than they do.
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      I heard on the news all you have to do is up your exemptions.


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        It seems that what you really meant is that withholding will increase. The tax rate increase has been in effect for several months.

        One reason not to reduce your withholding is that state tax is deductible on your federal return; by paying state tax before January 1, you reduce this year's federal tax.
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          They took more out of mine last month (october, we get paid once a month), i was wondering what that was all about.


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