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    I am going to say somebody I know was a police officer from a small agency here in southern california. Long story short, he left the department shortly after being hired, due to a family crisis. Moved out of state and came back, was hired on again, but for honest family reasons had to re-sign again. My question, would it be to much for this person to ask for another opportunity for re-hire a third time , if he left solely for family and a good reason? Any response would be highly appreciated.

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    "Your friend" burned his bridge, they bit the bullet and let him back, and this time blew up and burned the bridge, and used the left over wood splinters to make a log cabin out of to seel on eBay.

    I wouldn't even try if I were you...er....."your friend."
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    Lord have mercy. You're about as slick as the business side of duct tape.
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    You are without doubt a void surrounded by a sphincter muscle.


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      Interesting. I had a friend (really, it wasnt me) who did the same thing. It all depends on his reputation and the agency. However, what I would tell this friend is how was having an LE job different that another job? You still gotta pay the bills. What I think your friend should do is ask himself if LE is where they need to be if they bail every time the going gets rough.


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        If it's a small agency, he should ask the chief before applying again. I would be highly skeptical. It costs a lot of money to hire someone, even if he worked for you before.
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          If this guy really wanted to, he could get re-hired - if not by the same agency then another. No one can tell you how your life will pan out, only you can control your own life. The real question he/she should ask oneself is will the two other times the person had to leave repeat itself?

          What's the old saying?; You'll never get different results if you keep doing the same things over again.

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            Most people just go out on leave of absences so it's not an issue. My department gives a year at a time which can be extended.

            My department may or may not hire the people back who just quit. Usually not. It depends on how well they are 'liked.'


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              Your question is too general to give an honest answer. I dont know what a legitimate family crises or whatever you called it, actually is. I can see some justified issues, like your mother is dying and lives out of the area and you need to go take care of her, but I can see other issues where you were just being a drama queen. Not every family issue os a justifcation for quitting the job.
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                If I was the chief of a small agency and you did this to me, I'd be REAL skeptical about hiring you a third time..
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