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    Can someone provide me with details on what Shifts & Rotations that any of the following Sheriffs departments are on?
    • San Bernardino Sheriff Dept
    • Riverside Sheriff Dept
    • Orange County Sheriff Dept

    I have a buddy in Corona Fire Department, he works a rotating shift and I was wondering if this is how the above agencies work. The FD rotation works something like, 1 day on 1 day off until they hit 96 hours in a pay period, then the have 6 days off. They of course work 24 hour shifts so i know the shift length would be different between FD and SD.

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      SBSO, thanks for your response, you were very informative. For the station you were talking about, how are the shifts decided. I apologize, I come from the corporate world (M-F 6am - 3pm) and I am very seriously considering law enforcement. I have had the bug for many years, but until recently I thought it was only a dream.
      Anyways, being from the corporate world, where my shift is structured, I am unfamiliar with how the schedules work in law enforcement. That being said, I have a few more questions.
      1. are the shifts the same every week? or could I be working graveyard, swing & day shift all in the same week?
      2. How far in advance are the shifts planned out. (a week, month...)
      3. could i potentially be working different days of the week each week. i.e. (Oct 18 - Oct 24: scheduled M-Th; Oct 25 - Oct 31: Wed - Sat)

      Sorry for all the questions, I just want to understand it and be able to explain it to my wife. Trust me, I understand that this job requires extreme flexibility, I would just like a base line of how it works.


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