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  • San Jose and Sacramento PDs

    Got a few questions about the San Jose and Sacramento police departments that I did not see addressed in other threads. What is the general culture of these cities and their PDs? Are these cities generally supportive of their PDs or is the relationship more contentious? Also, do the Sacramento and San Jose police departments administration provide good leadership and do they stand behind their officers during times of controversy. Is morale within these departments high and is there a strong espirit de corps? Finally, for those who work there, is there a sense that these departments are very professional and have "it" together are they filled with infighting, backstabbing and those who seek self interest above the organization?

    Additionally, if anyone has any information about either of these departments SWAT teams I would love to hear about it. For example, are there teams full time team or do the members have collateral duties such as patrol? How many officers are on these teams and how is the training set up? Do they train once a week, twice per month, how many hours etc.? What is the physical test like? Is it basically a mile and a half run with other exercises and an obstacle course or is it a longer selection style program? I have a couple other questions but these will suffice for now.

    Just a bit of background, I am a police officer with just over four years of experience and recently visited the area and loved it. Now I am looking at possibly moving to the area in a couple of years and would like to find the right fit. If neither of these departments would be what I am looking for could anyone offer suggestions. Any information would be greatly appreciated. If you dont feel comfortable answering these questions on an open forum then send me a PM.

    Thanks in advance.

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    SJPD has two MERGE teams, their version of SWAT. One of the teams is more of a weapons and tactics squad, while the other is an intelligence squad (IIRC). Both are full time assignments.

    From my own research, SJPD has a reputation of being a solid agency. Though I assume any organization of 1500+ people will have some bickering and politics.


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