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Santa Ana School District Police


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  • Santa Ana School District Police

    Any info on this agency, anyone work with or for them. Whats their relationship with the local agency, reputation, equipment, etc. Anything would help. Thanks

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    notta whole lotta info or media coverage- except for the one officer arrested for child porn in his scooby doo lunchpail.

    App: 2/12/09
    Geo: Revised; CA Long Beach, San Bernardino, L.A.
    Written: 2/20/09
    NOR: 3/2/09 (81 no vet pref.)
    TO: ? (reached my 37th bday 9/09)

    App: 5/5/09
    Geo: San Diego
    Written: 6/5/09 (75.8 no vet pref.)
    NOR: 7/20/09
    Faxed Documents: 7/7/09
    TO: 10/6/09
    Mailed Documents: 10/16/09
    Oral Interview: 12/02/09 Passed

    Geo: SW Border-El Centro/San Diego Area
    App: 8/17/10
    Written: 10/6 Passed (73 w/ no vet pref.)
    TO: 11/10/10 (pre emp forms due 11/22)


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      One of my old motor partners works there part time. It's funny, he works full time for the LA Schools and part time for the Santa Ana Schools. They are a very small agency. The chief is a good dude. They also have an SRO that used to be chief of a couple southeast LA agencies. He brought one of his command staff to Santa Ana Schools with him.

      I went through the SRO class some years ago and their guys were instrumental in teaching it. According to the chief, if the local PD has a priority 1 call such as a DV and nobody's available, he will let the school cops respond and secure the scene for the city guys.

      Their guys seem pretty squared away. Oh, they also have motors. That's a big plus for me.
      God made perfect cops.......The rest he put in cars.


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        A buddy of mines from Santa Ana PD said they have a pretty good relationship with the school cops. According to their website, SAUSD PD have twenty sworn and an unknown amount of district safety officers. In addition to full-time open positions, they have as needed basis.


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          I have an oral interview with them in a few weeks for the police officer position. Trying to get some information, but they do not have much on their police website.


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            Originally posted by rf59 View Post
            I have an oral interview with them in a few weeks for the police officer position. Trying to get some information, but they do not have much on their police website.
            Ride along ( or tour) is always a "good" idea. Have a "clue" about their jurisdiction, the district info( SAUSD),Officer #s , and their "clientele", namely the students, staff and community the School district serves.

            you will be asked to tell the oral board about yourself- don't drone on and on- get to the who ,what and why straight on! you'll also probably be asked "why" SAUSD PD vs. say " Santa Ana PD". or any other OC agency- have a REASON other than " I think its a good job", and please DON'Tbe like this one chump taking the test tonight at LAXPD HQ, who commented on the elevator to another test taker that he wanted LAXPD "cause they don't have to doreeeeaaalllll police work like city cops"- one of the COMMAND STAFF,wearing casual street wear, was on the same elevator and listening to this clown blather off at the mouth! I turned and told him that "IF" he passed the test, I'd make sure he got a rubber gun and a red Bozo nose to go with it !

            Selling points you may want to go over- "Why" the duties of the district PD seem desireable,i.e. " having a direct impact on children in a condusive environment", being able to project a symbol of success and achievement( police officers ARE community leaders), as well as the ability to interdict juvenile crime BEFORE it becomes serious.

            Make sure you can relate what you have in your "tool box" ( education, experience in working world) that can relate to the job, and give instances. Theyu may give you scenarios regarding interaction with students and staff- remember, most police interviews are not designed to see how much "police lingo" or tactis you know, but whether you can problem solve, using reasonable logic( hate using the term "common sense", because there is no such thing as "common sense")

            go in clean shaven, wear a "smart suit" and "Ace'em"............
            "we're americans ! We don't quit because we're wrong, we just keep doing it wrong UNTIL it turns out Right"...


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              Thanks for the information, it will be useful. It might sound wierd, i have worked in another school district before and I seriously do enjoy working with juveniles. Thanks again.


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