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  • What Now?

    Please disregard if this topic is addressed elsewhere.

    With Southern California essentially in a full hiring freeze Im sure many potential recruits such as myself are frustrated.

    My question to you all is what now? Any suggestions from those already in LE on how to pass the time/increase our resumes so when openings occur we have a better chance of getting in?

    Or other potential recruits, what are you going to do for now?

    Myself I'm thinking heal up some old injuries, take some more Frontsight courses, workout and gain some mass, and possibly get lasiks.

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    I signed up to do some volunteer bike patrol with the regional park police. I figured it wouldn't hurt my resume and I ended up getting partnered with an old timer who is a retired corrections officer - He is a cool cat who will be a nice personal reference on the BI packet.

    I also make sure to drive the speed limit and keep my bills current. Other than that, I just browse the job postings daily and keep up on my PT. Good luck to you in Southern Cal.


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      I am also in the same situation as you Andrew. Just recently graduating college with the BA, coming to realize the extent of todays economy affecting todays LE agencies, it really is disheartening to comprehend the situation at hand.

      Question is really, what now? Get your degree? I got that. Find a job in the mean time? Easier said than done. Volunteer? Doing that with my local PD. Keep clean and clear? In progress. The only routine I have currently, workout, run, check HR pages of agencies - daily.

      I would like to finish some other life goals like traveling while waiting, but will departments look down on that without current employment?
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        Thats all there is to do....We wait until the departments start to hire again....

        Me personaly, I am an Insurance I work Mon through Fri. That takes up a lot of time. I dont drink anymore..I stop completley at stop signs and drive the speed limit. I pay my bills on time. I dont "go out" much anymore at all. Stay in with the girlfriend. I have become a fitness freak and am running a ton. I'm trying to get a part time civilian spot with the department I want to work for. I am staying motivated by talking with friendswho are on the job...

        Just make sure everything you do is geared towards getting that job....

        Oh and I have bought some cool Law Enforcement flashlights and gagedts as well to stay
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          Learn Spanish.
          What if quotas did exist?!


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            Uncle Sam? For those of you who are older and have families that might not be such a good option but for the younger ones, I cant imagine a better option. Looks great on a resume, keep you employed, teaches you everything you need to know about dealing with academy situations. I think that the economy will recover about the time our war commitments are up, then you will all be competing with combat vets. Imagine how hard that would be.

            Describe a stressful situation that you had to resolve.

            "Well sir I am the manager at the book store and one day we had this really irate senior citizen who wanted a discount" Vs. "I was squad leader when my Hum-v column came under attack..."
            Originally posted by FJDave
            GM, you have just set the bar that much higher for the rest of us in our witty, sarcastic responses. I yield to you! Good job, kind Sir!

            District B13
            "We are not cops nor Feds." yet he still poses as an officer Hmmmm

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              While I wait ... I'm doing a half marathon in a week. On a more permanent basis, my husband and I are adopting. All that paperwork is keeping me busy (and you thought filling out a background packet was detailed!).

              Oh yeah, and I occasionally still lurk here.
              In backgrounds ...


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                It may not be what you are looking for, but the City of Oxnard and Union Pacific Railroad Police in Los Angeles are Recruiting.

                Oxnard wants academy grads or lateral

                Union Pacific wants an AA and POST Certifiable.
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                  Ya, I hear ya in this and is why Im self sponsoring myself in an academy. Might be risky, as in If I don't get picked up, but i've had over 3 years nonsworn experience with PD's, I'm just getting out of te Army as military police, I don't have a degree but I will have an AA pretty quick. See where I go in one year after my extended academy with all my experience and education.
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                    Some agencies will be hiring shortly.. People are retiring each year


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                      You could get experience as a reserve officer. Many candidates do that.
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                        Originally posted by ExSDSO
                        Learn Spanish.

                        What he said...

                        If you work in Southern California, you're most definitely going to need to speak Spanish, believe me. Now's as good a time as any.


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                          I am working on my LAPD process. I have my preliminary background investigation interview in one week. Then my background starts, hopefully.


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                            Originally posted by snowdude1026
                            I am working on my LAPD process. I have my preliminary background investigation interview in one week. Then my background starts, hopefully.
                            good luck, they are slowing down significantly. took the written in feb and my background still hasnt started. good luck
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                              Originally posted by snowdude1026
                              I am working on my LAPD process. I have my preliminary background investigation interview in one week. Then my background starts, hopefully.

                              When they were hiring like crazy the process still took 6-12 months for the best of candidates.


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