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LAPD Expedited testing, "Not available at this time"


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  • LAPD Expedited testing, "Not available at this time"

    I'm currently serving in the military overseas trying to prepare myself for when I get out in 9 months. I called the personnel department to see if i can sign up for the expedited testing that the LAPD offers, but the lady who picked up said, "We are currently not offering expedited testing at this time".
    I ask what that ment and she just repeated herself.

    I read some other threads about the expedited testing and military personel that have talked to a military advisor about taking the expedited testing. i tried looking for the military advisors number and I could'nt find it. Does anyone know it?

    Are there any other military personnel that can give me some advice.
    The plan was to go to the states 6 months from my date of seperation. Now i dont know if its worth spending the $1500+ on a plane ticket and traveling the 18+ hours if they dont offer the expedited testing.

    thanks in advance

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    Check out http://policebackground.net/Forum/. See if anyone there has any input.

    I just completed the expedited testing with LAPD, but I know that there was talk of them not offering it right now. The budget is pretty bad right now.


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      I was told that once the folks already in the expedited process (which is already filled) finish in December, the City Personnel Department (not LAPD) is going to stop it for an undetermined amount of time

      That means you'll have to take each test one at a time. Good luck.


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        I heard the same thing LACopper......seems like the economy has put a big damper on the process. Hopefully they will bring it back because for anyone out of state it is almost impossible to do each test individually.


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          During JUL and AUG it was like 110 degrees F and it felt like 130. right now its like 90 and feels like its 110. its that dry heat that kills you. kinda sucks taking a shower and walking out of your house and sweating after 10 seconds. Other than the heat its alright. Ramadan just ended so we dont have to wait until the sun goes down to eat out in town or go grab a brew.


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