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    so im pulling in to the local uniform supply store yesterday to get some last minute supplies for my level II academy that starts tommorow. it was around 1130 am, and i see two shady characters in the parking lot a few spaces down. i dont think much of it, but i make sure to lock my truck and made it known by the horn sounding twice. i go into the store realize i forgot my iphone in my truck 2 minutes later. so i go back out and of course my drivers window is smashed and my iphone is gone. cant believe it, middle of the day in front a supply store where alot of LEO typlically shop. ( of course none were there when it happened). anyway, the thieves only took the phone. they missed my Stinger Led light and my duty belt . Total loss $700

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    In San Francisco I've had my windows smashed in for the change in my center console.


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      Well, at least now you can say: "I'm not just a student of criminal justice, but I'm also a client."

      (bad Hair Club for Men joke)

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      Faxed Documents: 7/7/09
      TO: 10/6/09
      Mailed Documents: 10/16/09
      Oral Interview: 12/02/09 Passed

      Geo: SW Border-El Centro/San Diego Area
      App: 8/17/10
      Written: 10/6 Passed (73 w/ no vet pref.)
      TO: 11/10/10 (pre emp forms due 11/22)


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        This is why you should never leave anything in your car that you arent willing to lose......
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          FWIW: Most insurance companies don't require you to pay any deductible for criminal acts resulting in a loss (window + iphone). Don't let it slide if someone tells you otherwise when you call them up. Check your policy out.
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            Which store?
            Free Deke O'Mally!!!


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