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L.A."media witch hunt"- IS LAUSD PD the newest "monster?"..


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  • L.A."media witch hunt"- IS LAUSD PD the newest "monster?"..

    In Southern California, home of "hollywood", 6 ft tall blondes,and fun and sun 24/7/365, there also lurks the "dark side". No, I'm not talking about the urban decay, the suburban blandness, the violent crime, nor the lack of water to keep the burmuda grass lush and green. I'm talking about police CORRUPTION !!!!

    When Granny Jackson peeps out of here modest woodframe home in south Central, it isn't the wayward felon "slangin' " rock cocaine that is the boogeyman. When well tanned Johnny, ventures forth onto the streets of Brentwood in his BMW, the hair that rises on the back of his neck isn't caused by some reckless drunk driver barreling down on him. Nor does the little senora ,proud of her newly purchased catering truck cringe in fear of armed robbery by vicious street hooligans. It is the abomination known as "law enforcement" that is the true terror !

    Well, at least thats what local mud slinging media would have you believe......While we all know that Police officers/highway Patrolmen/Deputies, etc. do not walk on water, we also know that in their capacity those men and women are all that stands between lawlessness and an unprotected society of peace loving citizens. Apparently This "knowledge" is lost on those who write for, as well as print one of the last "power to the people" news rags- I'm talking about the L.A. Weekly ( once known as the "alternate" or Alternative Weekly).While once in a while they have raised a stink in terms of making the general public aware of misdeeds of those who are supposed to protect public interests, they have also stooped to low down mudslinging and innuendo to bash those they look down upon.

    Who is the latest "victim?" Not perennial whipping child LAPD ( they bashed them several months back by calling outgoing Police Chief Bratton an arrogant liar ,albeit in a round about way, and questioned his "revision" of crime stats to make L.A. look safer than it really is). No, this time , its the "seen but not heard" L.A. Unified School District PD. The L.A. School PD (LASPD) ,though considered small in comparison to Depts in so.Calif. like LAPD,LASD, Long Beach PD, and San Bernardino Sheriffs Dept, is actually a "large" dept by Ca. Standards.

    They employ more than 500 ,with 350 officers and supervisors. With a jursidiction of over 700 Sq. miles , 6 seperate cities, and nearly 1 million students, staff and teachers to protect ( not counting the multitudes of local residents, parents, and visitors), YET rarely do you hear of these officers engaged in "questionable acts", or involved in violent uses of force. That fact didn't stop L.A. Weekly writer Max Taves from writing "LAUSD's Finest" on Sept. 3nd, 2009. http://www.laweekly.com/2009-09-03/n...d-39-s-finest/

    The Article, which is "Adorned" with the intimidating visage of a gruff looking, razor stubbled "cop" obviously LEERING at a scared ,pubescent teenage girl, started out with the story of a currently incarcerated School PD cop that sexually assaulted a female motorist , while on a traffic stop in the west Adams area of L.A. back in 2007. Reporting inpropriety of Police officers is part of the daily fodder for the news in L.A. but the article turns to try and paint a picture of LASPD as some sort of "out of control F- Troop". Taves seems hell bent on trying to build up the misdeeds of former Officer Ian King (protrayed as a "wanna be LAPD " officer) to say that ALL of the L.A. School PD is somehow some reject "quasi-LAPD" organization that doesn't have the right to exist. I don't know about the rest of you, but I remember what it was like to be a student ( eerrr ," VICTIM" ) of LAUSD. burnt out hippy teachers who could barely afford to eat the 2nd rate school lunches, gangbangers who roamed the halls freely and often ARMED, and aloaf administrators( you are talking a School District, where the superintendant is wheeled around in a chaffeured limousine).

    Back then, you either had to KNOW how to fight, or be a damn good runner, cause the school PD was powerless to help you, and LAPD often wasn't around or available! You could be beaten, robbed, and shot less than a block away from campus, and seeing kids I knew maimed or dead after the Friday bell rang was a common occurence near Locke,Fremont,Jefferson, L.A. Jordan, or Garfield H.S. Under Kernstein, and now Chief Mannion, alot of that has changed,and you can often see the School PD active in the communities around the schools they police. They are often a force multiplier to an often overworked and short handed LAPD.( the fanstasy is over- LAPD just cannot do the job of policing ALL of L.A. with the low #s they have- they'd need a min. of 15,000 to protect the cities 469 sq miles satisfactorily)

    The article is available on line at www.laweekly.com - please feel free to reply to this obvious slander of a group of hardworking people in blue. One of these days its going to be a reporter at gunpoint "wishing" a cop was there to save him or her- maybe then ,people like Taves will remember what "truth in reporting" is all about. ****s poor reporting like this only instills unwarranted questions,even fear in the local community. If anything in the article held merit, large newsmedia VULTURES would have picked this story dry......
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    That had a little Mickey Spilane in the beginning. You should be a writer.
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      DOA........I love you


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        Well said,

        It is a very important and difficult job. they say the Crips and Bloods started in south central, but specifically they started in high schools and took their colors from their own school colors. These schools are the epicenter of violent crime in LA and these cops are serving on the front lines of the war on drugs and crime.
        Originally posted by FJDave
        GM, you have just set the bar that much higher for the rest of us in our witty, sarcastic responses. I yield to you! Good job, kind Sir!

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        "We are not cops nor Feds." yet he still poses as an officer Hmmmm

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