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    Hey folks...I'm about to lateral over to a department in the San Diego County area and I realized I don't have my vehicle code cheat sheets anymore. I had a few good ones - including the one with the sketch of car and a motorcycle & the violations called out in "ballons" - and I'm hoping someone out there has an e-copy or two they wouldn't mind sharing.

    I've searched through the various threads for some cheaters but either my search skills aren't what I hoped they'd be or I'm just blind.

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    I know the pre-made cheat-sheets are handy but I've always been partial to making my own. In doing so, I can include things specific to my area and types of patrol that may be quite different from the norm. Court information, (now including one furlough Wednesday per month) is important too. You can personalize your sheet(s) to work in whatever cite book style you use including electronic. Everytime I go through a code book I pick up a new tidbit or two. When I make these up for the squad I include violations that I think they should be finding, or finding more of.
    Don't forget the non-traffic stuff that we all run across too.


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      Some of the departments already have pre-printed cheat sheets...including muni codes, court dates, etc. I know SDPD usually has them........ theyre good for all the codes (except the muni's if your not in SD). Check with the traffic unit of the department you are lateraling to.......Im sure they will either have cheat sheets or know who to get them from


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          I liked the one from the CHP. I thought it more accurately described the sections, plus it has extra stuff at the end -- and it's free!

          I always carried the full text of the Vehicle Code and used the index if necessary.
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            Thanks guys & special thanks MabbottUSMC for posting that cheater. I usually keep a few different cheat sheets with me on patrol; if it's not on one it's on the other. I've been writing out the most commonly used ones I have in my head and once you start digging in there, it's amazing what you remember.


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              Here is mine... print it out and tape it to the front of your cite book... These are the ONLY violations I cite for... and I cite for this stuff all the time:

              24250 HEADLIGHTS NOT ON/DARKNESS
              24400 TWO WORKING HEADLIGHTS REQ
              24600(b) TWO WORKING TAIL LAMPS REQ
              24601 LICENSE PLATE LIGHT REQ
              24603(b) TWO WORKING BRAKE LAMPS REQ
              24606(b) WHITE REVERSE LAMPS ONLY
              24953(a) WHITE/AMBER FRONT SIGNALS ONLY
              25950(a) WHITE/AMBER LIGHTS FORWARD ONLY

              26708(a)(2) WINDSHIELD VIEW OBSTRUCTED
              26708.5(a) ILLEGAL WINDOW TINT
              27007 LOUD NOISE (50+FT AWAY)
              27151 MODIFIED EXHAUST
              27153 EXCESSIVE SMOKE
              27315(d) SEAT BELT – PASSENGERS
              27360(a) SEAT BELT (CHILD) PARENT
              27360(b) SEAT BELT (CHILD) DRIVER

              4000(a)(1) EXPIRED REGISTRATION
              4454(a) REG CARD NOT IN VEHICLE
              4462.5 FALSE TAGS
              12500(a) UNLICENSED DRIVER
              12951(a) LICENSE NOT WITH DRIVER
              14600(a) OUTDATE DMV INFO
              14601.1(a) SUSPENDED LICENSE NON-DUI
              14601.2(a) SUSPENDED LICENSE DUI
              16028(a) NO PROOF OF INSURANCE

              21460(a) PASSING ON DOUBLE YELLOW
              22350 SPEEDING BASIC
              22349(a) SPEEDING IN 65 MPH ZONE
              22356(b) SPEEDING IN 70 MPH ZONE
              22348(b) SPEEDING IN EXCESS OF 100 MPH
              23109(c) EXHIBITION OF SPEED (BURNOUT)
              21453(a) RUNNING RED LIGHT
              21457(A) RUNNING FLASHING RED
              22450(a) RUNNING STOP SIGN
              22107 FAILURE TO SIGNAL
              23222(a) OPEN CONTAINER IN VEHICLE
              23123(a) Cell Phone
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                A sheet my buddy made up. Fit onto one 8 1/2x11 piece of paper. laminate and tape to posse box

                22348(b) 100+ MPH
                22349(a) Exceed 65 MPH
                22349(b) Exceed 55 MPH (Undivided highway)
                22350 Unsafe speed for current conditions
                22356(b) 70+ In 70 MPH zone
                22405(a) Exceed max speed on bridge
                22406(a) 3 or more axels over 55 MPH
                22406(b) Vehicles W/trailers over 55 MPH
                22406(c) School bus with students over 55 MPH


                24008 Vehicle height too low (below rim)
                24008.5 height (pass veh 23inches)
                24604 Load protrudes over 4 feet No flags/lights
                24607 Two Required red reflectors
                26706(b) Windshield wipers required.
                26708(a)(1) Obstructed Window (hanging from mirror)
                26708(a)(2) Obstruction Mounted on mirror
                26708.5 Tinted windows
                26709(a) Two mirrors required
                26710 Broken Windshield
                27000(a) Horn required
                27001(a) Unnecessary use of horn
                27007 Radio heard for more than 50 feet away
                27150(a) No Muffler Excessive or Unusual noise
                27151(a) Modified to increase or amplify exhaust
                27153 Exhaust Products (smoke, flames, oil/fuel residue)
                27155 Gas cap required
                27156(a) Gross Polluter or Excessive Smoke
                27156(b) Altered Air intake, headers, NOS or remove
                Catalytic Converter. Must have Exempt Paperwork
                27465(b) Bald tires Under 1/32”)
                27501(b) Tires not conforming to weight of vehicle
                27600 Mud flaps/fenders required
                27602 Visible television to driver
                28071 Front and rear bumpers required
                28150(a) Radar Jammer/scrambler (b) Possess

                VEHICLE LIGHTING
                24003 Unlawful lights, colored headlights/clear tailights
                24012 Improperly mounted/aimed
                24250 Driving without required lights
                24400 One headlight on either side of vehicle (22”-54”)
                24400(a)(2) Headlights during darkness or weather
                24411 Off road lights not covered
                24600(b) Two Required Tailights
                24600(e) Required red tail light (500ft)
                24601 License plate light (White, 50ft)
                24603(b) Brake light out
                24603(g) 3rd brake light out
                24953 Turn Signal Front:Wht/Ylw Rear:Red/Ylw
                26100 Modified Lighting (smoked lights)

                4000(a)(1) Expired registration
                4000.4(a) CA based vehicle, register in CA
                4159 Change of address with DMV
                4454(a) No current registration card
                4464 Altered Plates from original markings
                5200(a) Two plates required
                5201 Clearly visible properly mounted plate(12”-60”)
                5201(f) Plate covered
                5204(a) False License plate tabs

                DRIVERS LICENSE
                12500(a) Unlicensed driver
                12500(b) Unlicensed driver motorcycle
                12500(c) Unlicensed driver combo-vehicle
                12500(d) Unlicensed driver off street
                12509(d) Permit on MC on freeway
                12814.6 Privisional License Restrictions
                12505(c) CA license for out of State resident
                12951(a) License not in possession
                12951(b) Refuse to present license
                14600(a) Change of address with DMV
                14601(a) Suspended for reckless driving
                14601(a) Suspended for negligent driving
                14601.1(a) Suspended for other than driving
                14601.2(a) Suspended for DUI / drugs
                14601.2(b) Driving with restricted license
                14601.3 Suspended revoked habitual offender
                14601.4 driving while 14601.2 causing bodily harm
                14601.5(a) Revoked for DUI refusal
                14603 Disobeying license restrictions
                14610(a)(1) Display revoked, suspended or fraudulent license
                14610(a)(3) presenting another’s license

                2800 Failure to obey marked officer
                2800.1(a) Evading Arrest (Non-Reckless)
                2800.2(a) Evading Arrest (Reckless)
                2800.3(a) Evading Arrest causes injury
                2800.4(a) Evading Arrest (driving in opposite direction)
                2818 Unlawful to traverse a cone or flare pattern
                21703 Following too closely, not reasonable or prudent
                21457(a) Failure to stop at a flashing red light
                21461(a) Disobey Traffic control device or signal
                21806(a)(1) Failure to yield for emergency vehicle
                22103 U-Turn in Bus. Dist. w/ vehicle within 200 ft
                22107 Failure to signal before lane change
                22108 Failure to signal 100ft
                22109 Stopping Suddenly
                22450 Stop sign Violation
                23103 Reckless Driving
                23109 Speed Contest
                23110 Throwing Substance at vehicle
                23111 Discard Cigarette/Glowing
                23112 Littering
                23120 Glasses that interfere with lateral vision (1/2inch)
                23123(a) Cell Phone
                23123.5(a) Texting
                23124(b) Minor Cell Phone
                27315(d)(1) Seatbelt Violation
                27400 Earphones covering both ears
                118948 H&S Smoking in vehicle while Minor is present

                14602.6 Driving w/o License (I)
                14602.7 Fleeing or Evading LEO (I)
                22651(a) Left unattended blocking traffic (S)
                22651 (b) Parked on highway, Hazard (S)
                22651(c) Found Stolen or Embezzled (S)
                22651(d) Blocking private driveway (S)
                22651(e) Blocking Fire Hydrant (S)
                22651(f) Parked on highway +4 hrs (S)
                22651(g) Driver incapacitated (S)
                22651(h)(1) Driver Arrested (S)
                22651(i) Parked, 5+ Parking Violations (I)
                22651(j) No evidence of reg. no plates (I)
                22651(k) Parked 72+ hrs. (11.20.020RMC) (S)
                22651(l) Blocking Construct/Cleaning (Posted)(S)
                22651(m) Blocking equipment (Posted) (S)
                22651(n) Parking Prohibited (Posted) (S)
                22651(o) Expired Reg 6+months (I)
                22651(p) Suspended/Revoked (I)
                22651(q) Parked 24hrs common interest develop. (S)
                22651(r) Illegally parked, blocking legal (S)
                22651(s) Parked 8+hrs Rest/View Area (S)
                22651(t) FTA 25279VC (S)
                22651.2 Advertising Vehicle w/ cite (I)
                22651.3 Exp. Reg. or Multiple cites Public Parking (I)
                22651.4 Oper. Commer. Vehicle diff. country w/o ICC (I)
                22651.5 Alarm within 500ft school, business, residence (S)
                22651.6 used in Speed Contest, Driver Arrested (I)
                22651.9 Private Sale Vehicle/cites/Notice 24hrs/City Auth. (I)
                22652/.5/.6 Parked in Handi-Capped Stall (S)
                22653 Embezzled Vehicle (S)
                22655 Vehicle involved in 20002 (I evidence)(S)
                22655.3 Vehicle used to flee or evade police (I)
                22655.5 Vehicle used in crime or contains evidence (I)
                22656 Vehicle abandoned 7.5 ft from railway (S)
                22658 Rem from Private Prop/posted/notice 96hrs/stripped (S)
                22669 Abandoned vehicle, public/private property (S)
                23109.2 Vehicle used in speed contest (I)
                23594 Reg. Owner convicted of DUI (I)


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