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  • SDPD vs SDSD

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to gather a few opinions. Is it true that SDPD is really hiring as much as they say they are? I was also wondering how difficult it is to get on with SDPD right now? I recently passed the physical agilities test but noticed there were quite a bit of previous law enforcement officers or laterals. I also noticed a bunch of military members. So I guess my question is how big of a preference do these guys get?

    Next, I'm curious what you guys would suggest for someone like me with no law enforcement experience. I've heard rumors of the sheriff's department being easier to get on with. Also it seems that detentions and courts would be an easier process and possibly better suited for me, seeing as how I have no law enforcement experience. I have also submitted an application with border patrol because I hear that they may be a good 'foot in the door'.

    A little more about me to help give you guys better picture. I'm 20 years old. I turn 21 this month. I've got some college units under my belt; my area of focus has been mathematics. My background is pretty clean with the exception of some credit problems when I was 18 that eventually made it to collections, but have since been cleaned up. I'm really just looking to break into the law enforcement community any way I can. Just wanted to say thanks for any advice or help you guys may be able to offer.

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    It couldn't hurt to apply to both. Here w/ LAPD/LASD, the SD was hiring like crazy last year, but in only one year's time, the SD's hiring has slowed down a great deal. LAPD is trying hard to reach their goal of 1000 extra officers, so the process moves very quickly for many. My best advice is to apply to more than once place, because you never know what the PD/SD's budget will call for next year and can change the situation 180deg.


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      SDPD hires a lot but they also lose a lot in phase training. The SDSD seems kep keep more of it's applicants. In my opinion, SDSD is a larger department with more opportunity to move into other positions. If you get hired on as Law Enforcement you can work the courts, jails, or patrol and they wide variety in between. We do not need approval from our SGT's on arrests. We take them to jail.

      That being said, you need to sell yourself. What do you have. Why not pick the 25 year old guy who did 4 years plus in the military or the person who has a degree? Have you done any ride-alongs? You haven't even been able to legally drink yet Why should someone hire you?

      That's what they are going to look at. Why should I hire Joe when Steve has what Joe has plus more?


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