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  • Need Advice!

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    I agree, let them know about it before you even go in there. Depending on the pd and its size they can easily accept that you had the integrety enough to tell them before they found out about it. It might even come down to what was taken from the store. You will want to disclose that information as well. When you go into the test expect more than one question about that situation to come up and tell the truth. The truth shall set you free.
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      No one is a saint. Don't worry too much; you should be fine. As the others have said, just don't sit on it and worry. Let them know ASAP, take a deep breath and move forward. Just remember the old cliche, "honesty is the best policy"

      On a side note - if I was a BI I would be scratching my head if I had an applicant that had absolutely no faults in their background. But that's just me. Good luck.
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        I had the same thing happen. I told my BI about it on our first meeting and she was fine. I told her I forgot and that it was years ago. She did not seem bothered at all. (and I went on to pass the poly and get a conditional offer with no problems)
        I think the important thing is to get it cleared up soon. Well before the poly. At my poly they asked several times about things I may have forgot, etc,etc. (there were none for me at that point) I think if you waited until then it would look like they scared you into telling.
        Like I said, same thing happened to me and they did not seem to care that I forgot.


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          If this is eating you inside right now, imagine how it's going to be when you're doing your poly. Disclose this information to your BI as soon as practical. He/she would appreciate hearing it from you, not from the polygraph technician.


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              That's what its all about in this career....owning up to your mistakes. If you fail your BI based upon the situation you described above (assuming you told the whole truth) then you don't want to work for that agency anyway.

              In your career in law enforcement you are going to make mistakes. If you own up to the mistakes and your agency still doesn't forgive you then you don't want to work for that agency. In fact I would be surprised if there was anyone on here that would say that they would work for an agency that didn't "back" their officers when they make simple mistakes.

              Anyway....don't let that get you down. You told the truth and you admitted you made a mistake, if they don't want to believe you then move on. If that is the only issue in your back ground then I don't think you'll have a problem getting hired on somewhere else.

              As quoted above, "the truth shall set you free".
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