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Any Bakersfield / Kern County guys here?


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  • Any Bakersfield / Kern County guys here?

    I am going in for my oral for Kern County Sheriff next week. I was hoping there were some locals guys that could give me some advice.
    Any good/bad things to look at?
    I went all the way through the process with KC for a corrections deputy position. I got the conditional job offer and passed everything... but then found out that there is a physical test at the end. (added in with the medical) Well, I failed that and it was a huge blow. I had come all that way and thought I was golden and then failed because of some weird MET test. (I have passed the sheriff's PAT since)
    So I really want to do well on this oral. I really need to get into this next academy.
    Any info?
    Thanks guys!

    If you aren't local and have input on the questions I will face at the oral, please chime in. I have been through one other oral and did OK. (not great)
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    How did it go? I recently passed the oral interview as well. I was given one of those little postal cards that sid i was # 39. I have no clue what that means. Do you know when the next academy is? I can't commit until June/July of 2009. I'm still in the military.
    Thank you to all that serve.


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      No help here. Just from Bako. I've had two friends make it through the KCSD oral. They said it was similar to the CHP oral. And from my experience the chp oral is pretty tough. But I haven't talked to many people who didn't pass without being DQ'd.(I was DQ'd) Just be confident and you will be fine. I would assume the KCCO oral would be similar. Hope it's as easy as the LASD oral.


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