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High arches???


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  • High arches???

    A friend of mine wants to be in law enforcement, but he thinks his high arches will disqualify him. Anyone know if this would be an issue?

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    It's something that may be brought up in the medical but I've never heard of someone's foot arch being disqualifying. Can he run the requisite distances that the academy will require?


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      I'm pretty sure he can, he's been playing soccer since he was a kid.


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        Answer, no:

        If your friend's medical exam is the same as mine was, which I am confident that it will be, then he/she has nothing to worry about.

        No one ever looked at my arches. In the military they did but not in my law enforcement medical exam.

        As the above post suggested, as long as your friend can complete the medical and physical tasks that are required to be completed to pass, he/she doesn't have anything to worry about.

        Good luck in the process.
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          It can not be held against him because it does not impact his ability to do the job. When he goes into the academy tell him to wear Spenco brand orthopedic arch supports to avoid heal pain after running.
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