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anaheim pd, huntington beach pd, irvine pd or costa mesa pd?????


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  • anaheim pd, huntington beach pd, irvine pd or costa mesa pd?????

    Trying to decide which pd would best suit me. Planning to relocate to socal and am generally proactive. Not much for nit picking agencies but would like decent workload (not call -to call -to call with no time for being proactive). Potential for unlimited OT and good morale and obtaining a special assignment (i.e. k9 or narcs)

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    Anaheim would fit your needs. They will have more OT than you know what to do with (Big A, Pond, Conv Cntr, etc.), are large enough to move around to specialized assignments and stay in them without being rotated out, and am sure they have time and places for good hunting.


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      Anaheim is the only one with unlimited OT. As far as nit picking, you don't want to apply at Irvine.


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        Anaheim is the first choice hands down.

        Costa Mesa is making a huge comeback and is going tobe a top payer in the county with good morale. They had a low morale due to a really bad Cief but they seemtohave learned their lesseon. HB is fine too.
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        "We are not cops nor Feds." yet he still poses as an officer Hmmmm

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          You should do some ride alongs with each agency and determine which one is the best fit for you. Each department is unique in it's culture. Irvine is the only city that is growing exponentionally and will soon have some unique policing opportunities at the Great Park when it gets developed. Irvine is also in the process of building a brand new police facility at the Great Park that will be the main police station. This station is going to be bigger and better than the Taj Majal at Santa Ana PD. If you want to move up in seniority fast, check out Irvine.


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