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  • Would Appreciate feedback..

    First off, I just want to say how grateful I am that I have come across this website. I have been reading many of your questions posted and the excellent feedback that most have received. For the most part, the responses here are informative and insightful, so thanks ahead.

    This is my first post and I just wanted your guys’ feedback about my background. I have been going through the hiring process with a local city PD here in central California for the past four months. The steps I have taken thus far: application, oral interview, polygraph, BI interview, and BI investigation. I am currently awaiting the captain’s approval for my background. It is my understanding that the department physical and psych evaluation will be the last step. This is my first choice agency. I am 28 years of age, and I am currently a full time college student.

    * So far I have my AA in Liberal Arts and Administration of Justice: Law Enforcement Option. I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, with Pre-Law option, and minor in Criminology.

    * I have decent credit.

    * I have had 9 jobs in the past 10 years and I was terminated from 1. (Most of these jobs were “seasonal” jobs)

    * I have never done drugs accept for marijuana and the last time I smoked it, I was under 18 years of age. (I have gotten high under 10 times in my life)

    * I have been arrested 4 times in my life time. First: charged and convicted of assault when I was 16 years of age. (I have never physically struck anybody again in my life since) Second: charged and convicted of DUI when I was 21 years of age. Third: charged with DUI when I was 25 years of age, however charges were dropped. Fourth: arrested for public intoxication last year which resulted in no charges being filed, just 6 hours in the "drunk tank" then release.

    Everything mentioned are main areas of concern for me. All the aforementioned has been confirmed through polygraph and background investigation. I am giving no excuses or explanation to the previously stated unless asked. I want you all to take it as face value and give me honest feedback. All criticism will be much appreciated.

    I really believe my interview went well and my BI liked me. Do BI’s recommend candidates are is their sole purpose to investigate and report there findings?
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    I'm not a cop, just another applicant, but I would say that your background is going to be a tough one to overcome. Your job history is less than stable (although I understand seasonal work) and you have repeatedly shown what the POST guidelines would classify as a lack of maturity (ie your arrest record; the most recent being only a year ago).

    I mean no offense but you have to honestly look at what you typed and ask if you'd hire yourself? Your BI may believe that you're a great person from your interview, but he can only look at your past actions because they speak louder than words. I don't know what department you're applying to or what their hiring standards are...but from what you typed, it doesn't look good.

    Now, with all that being said...Good Luck.


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      I would think that the recent DUI and PI would be frowned upon (and given you have history of alcohol related problems) but if you made it through your BI, then I assume all is well. I commend you for continuing your education.

      Do me a favor. If you get multiple job offers in your area, let me know because I'll pack up and head in that direction (to get myself hired).


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        Time is your friend. Continue to work on stable employment, no trouble.

        Never, never, never give up.

        Put some space between your past mistakes and never, ever give up.


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          That's a pretty rough history IMHO. Expect the worst and hope for the best.


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            Just another applicant here too...

            Did you get the impression during BG/poly/interviews etc. that the arrests and drinking issues bothered them and might be disqualifying? They may have said it straight out or they may have suggested it in other ways.

            The tough part to overcome is that it's frequent, and other competing recruits won't have those kind of issues. Just stay head strong and committed either way. Be honest, own up to your mistakes. Don't quit!
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              Totality of the candidate:

              Kid Koala:

              Typically, "time heals all wounds".

              That being said, I would be surprised if you passed your BI. None of the arrests that you have had in the past however would be considered an automatic "kiss of death". By "kiss of death" I mean in regards to becoming a police officer. So that is in your favor.

              The disconcerting thing about your background is your multiple alcohol related offenses. A Background Investigator and or Captain may think, "Wow if we give this guy a gun, theres no telling what he would do with it while under the influence". "He already has a pattern of driving under the influence and hanging out in public under the influence".

              To arrest a subject for being, drunk in public, the officer has to articulate the fact that the subject being arrested was a danger to himself or others. Now think of that same subject being a police officer for one, and possibly having his gun with him/her at the time, bad juju.

              I understand that those are scenarios that are unlikely to happen, but then again, they could happen. Police departments take on a huge liability with each new hire, and the BI's job is to save the city and department the risk.

              So the real question is, is the city and the department willing to take on a huge liability in hiring you? If yes then you will pass your BI, if no, then you failed. I have been told by some BI's that I have met, that "time heals all wounds". They have also said that typically an applicant shouldn't even apply until 10 years from the last time they used hard drugs, 5 years for marijuana and DUI's. Mind you, that is not the gospel though, and every department is different.

              My advice, if they don't pick you up, then wait a couple years, get your BA degree and reaply. Good Luck.
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                Two DUIs and you were arrested for Public Intoxication last year??? What police chief would want to give you a badge and a gun with alcohol issues such as these being so recent? I'd be very surprised if you could get hired without having at least five years of maintaining a clean, sober lifestyle and showing consistent job performance. I'm not trying to discourage you, but really! You need to get your act together and keep it together for at least five years. Think long term goals!

                If you do get hired as a peace officer soon, please post a notice. (I wouldn't want to visit or live there!)
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                  Didn't we just do this in another post? Ok, let's try again.

                  In and of itself, the assault charge at age 16 would not be an issue. However, the two DUIs and the latest public intox arrest suggest you have problems controlling your alcohol use that have spanned several years. The latest arrest is especially troublesome because in California, drunks are usually taken to detox instead of jail. The fact that you were taken to jail suggests you were too unruly for detox.

                  So over at least a nine year period you have four arrests, one for assault and three for alcohol related incidents, and one employment termination. At the very minimum, this suggests that you lack the characteristics of sobriety, dependability, and good judgment, all of which are minimum requirements for the job with my agency. Unless you had a really good song and dance for me, I would talking to my superiors about a possible DQ. It wouldn't be a hard and fast DQ, but I would certainly be leaning that way. Again, it would depend on what you had to say for yourself.
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                    Thank-you all for your responses. L-1, I’m sorry for the redundant posts, I’m just trying to get as much feedback as possible. This is a pivotal moment in my life.

                    I do not see why anyone would want to "sugar coat" or make excuses in regards to their background on this message board. It would be like cheating on an eyesight exam. The matter of the fact is that we are here to seek honest answers so that we can be forthcoming and honest when seeking employment in our chosen profession of law enforcement. Having said that, the following explanations were given too my Polygraph administer and BI:

                    * The one job I was fired from was because I sought out employment with a rival company. I had put in my two week notice, but once management caught wind of why I was leaving, they terminated my employment so that I did not have the option to come back. My BI investigated why I was terminated from this company, and found very little information because all previous management had been terminated from the company. Presently there is nobody there that remembers me. Termination from this job was approximately 4 years ago.

                    * “Seasonal” work is the only kind of full time work that is available here in my town that pays decent and offers some kind of benefits. Like me, many cannot survive around here on minimum wage. We are a town that predominantly consists of agriculture. I have worked the tomato, garlic and cotton season. Each season of employment lasts an average of 3 months. That was my explanation for why I worked for several different companies.

                    * In regards to my arrest for DUI when I was 25 years of age, I was out one night at my girlfriend’s friend. She lived 4 blocks from where I lived. I drove to her place and had several beers. Yes I was intoxicated but not belligerent. I decided to walk home because it was not far. As I walked home, I was stopped by the local PD. The officer that made initial contact with me said he had seen me driving earlier, and felt that I had been drinking and driving then. I did not respond to his allegations because I felt I needed no explanation. I was infuriated and was not being cooperative at all when asked to do sobriety tests. I was not drinking and driving so I did not understand why I was being treated as if I had. Perhaps he mistook my being offended as an admission of guilt. You are probably telling yourself, “This doesn’t make sense,” and you’re right, it did not make sense to the judge either. The D.A. dropped the charges.

                    * As for my recent public intoxication, I was not cited nor were charges pursued. I was at a restaurant with my cousin, his wife and a few friends. As we left the restaurant, my cousin’s wife was involved in an altercation. Many guys from both parties were trying to break up the fight. When the officers arrived, they took everybody to jail to deter the situation. At the jail, it was determined that it was not our parties fault so we got to leave. None the less, I was arrested.

                    The only feedback I got from my BI was that he honestly did not know how the captain would view my background. He did say that I showed honesty and a lot of maturity and that was a good thing.
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                      One more thing guys. Some of you are stating that I have 2 DUI's, implying my guilt. I just wanted to state that I only have 1. I was arrested for a second DUI but charges were dropped. I am firm when I state my innocence. However, if you are stating the fact that I was arrested twice for DUI then I stand corrected. Also, I was arrested for public intoxication, but I was not cited nor were charges filed. Arrested versus convicted, does not one look worse than the other?
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                        I believe that both Pulicords and L-1 were referring to the your arrest history, not the final disposition with the court.

                        As far as an arrest vs. conviction, idk...For example, what if someone was convicted of a DUI but arrested for a double homicide, but the charges were dropped. I think there is a stigma that is associated with arrests.


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                          Originally posted by kid_koala View Post
                          One more thing guys. Some of you are stating that I have 2 DUI's, implying my guilt.
                          Not at all. You have valid reasons from your perspective. You have to look at your situations from the perspective of your potential employer. A repeated history of alcohol AND contact with law enforcement is what stands out in your background. I'm sure you have many other commendable qualities, such as your continued professionalism and education.

                          A department uses your past and present conduct to determine your future in law enforcement. If they see potential liability in any shape or form, they may cringe at hiring you. I've come to understand the hiring process very well, and learned that all departments expect this:
                          Admitting what you did was wrong (yes, no "buts" allowed), and what you have done to correct your conduct and/or positive accomplishments since then.


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                            Originally posted by kid_koala View Post
                            Arrested versus convicted, does not one look worse than the other?
                            While being "convicted" of alcohol related offenses does look worse, just being involved in this many alcohol/LE associated incidents strongly indicates a problem. Most people who drink moderately don't even have one contact with law enforcement where their drinking was an issue, you've had three.

                            The chief's office isn't a court of law and you don't have the "presumption of innocence." He's looking at your personal history and comparing it to those of other potential applicants'. There's no reason for him to take a chance and hire you (with a possible alcohol related problem), when he could hire one of the others (without a similar history). It doesn't mean you won't get hired in the future, after time has shown you don't have issues. For now, you've got some "red flags" that other applicants don't.
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                              If I was your BGI the employment history wouldn't worry me much given the local economy. The "Red Flags" are the alcohol incidents. I would listen to your explination which sounds good, but then I would follow up with the arresting agencies and see what they had to say. That would include the arresting officers and their supervisors (to see if the arresting officers were themselves good experienced cops or young eager beavers themselves). I would then present my findings to the Capt. reviewing the package.

                              If I was that Capt. it would really depend on how many other applicants I had and what their BG's looked like. If say I got 1 spot and two applicants, the first one is you and the second one has a squeaky clean record, sorry I'm not even going to look at the explinations your out. If the other has issues then I'm going to compare your backgrounds and you got an even chance. I would not auto DQ you as long as your explinations checked out. But again if there was glarring discrepancies between what you said and what the arresting agencies said, you would be out....
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