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I'm thinking about making the switch (RSO)


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  • I'm thinking about making the switch (RSO)

    To those who made the switch or those who just work for Riverside Sheriff's.

    I will be buying a home in Riverside (I'm sure people all know why) and the commute from Riverside to Downtown L.A is not something I'm willing to make.

    I know I will be taking a pay cut by making the switch but I think it's worth it in the long run. Any ideas or advice from any laterals or RSO members?

    I think I know the process from monitoring the forums but I just need some insight on the department I plan to spend the rest of my career with.

    Thanks again guys. Feel free to PM me if you have anything confidential to pass along.
    "If you lead through fear you will have little to respect; but if you lead through respect, you will have little to fear."

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    Come on over.

    Yeah, there may be a small paycut, but you'll make it up with savings on fuel, and possibly your mortgage as well. Depending on how long you have been working, there is a very good chance you could not only go staright to a patrol station, you can also name the station of your choice.

    I have a few co-workers that have left LA and are very happy.
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      At my station alone there are: 11 LASD laterals, four LAPD laterals, four Whittier PD laterals and two Bell PD laterals. Most of these guys came over due to their long commutes.

      Out of these laterals, all have less than four years with RSO; to give you an idea of the opportunities here, read the following:

      One LASD and one Whittier PD to SEB (SWAT); one Whittier PD and one Bell PD to Norco (Jurupa Valley Station) Motors; four LASD and one LAPD to the Jurupa Valley Station's Special Enforcement Team; one Whittier PD to the Ben Clark Training Center as a member of the academy training cadre and all of the rest are FTO's.

      With other agencies, all of these spots would take years to obtain...The money is not that bad either...Good luck with your decision.
      The Thousandth Man


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        My neighbor jump ship from LAPD to starting at Jurupa Valley station this coming month. Great agency to work for.

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          A couple alternatives to think about

          I have a friend working for the AG's office in downtown LA who is in the same boat as you. He commutes the distance every day via Metrolink and says it's a breeze. I don't know how well that might work for you, but it's something to consider.

          Earlier this week or last week, I believe the LA Times did an article comparing the relative cost of commuting from lower priced homes in outlying areas like Riverside versus higher payments for homes in better LA County neighborhoods. I believe they came to the conclusion that you were financially better off to devote what would have been the extra commute time to working OT and using that money to making payments on a home in a better area of LA County.
          Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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            who was the officer that left la to join the academy staff? When I left the acnch of academy they hired a bunch of new folks. I am out in the field now, just curious.


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              Thanks for all the quick replies guys.

              This is a huge decision for me and I'm a single guy. So I can just imagin how familes make decisions like these every day.

              Those are some great stories 1tyme. You just made my decision to switch that more desirable.

              Thanks Lt. But that sounds like a management move to me. You must work for LASD... lol

              Lt, But your probably right about the profit later on. But I think you really get your moneys worth with the new homes they have built in Riverside county. That is why I decided to buy there.

              As far as the patrol stations, I havent seen the streets yet. I feel I'm ready but I still have that feeling if I do make the change and they send me to the streets. There is a possible chance I might not make FTO and I hear there is no second chance at it there.

              I'm taking all this info into consideration and it's driving me nuts. Any successful stories from laterals with no street experience?

              The only thing that keeps me at piece of mind with LASD is that they give you a second chance, even tho I feel confident that I will pass the first time around. Its just the possibility of not cutting it that kills me.

              Thanks once again guys.
              "If you lead through fear you will have little to respect; but if you lead through respect, you will have little to fear."


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                Yea I been a deputy for almost 3 years now. But I guess they say, you have not been a real cop until you hit the streets. Well, my time is coming soon.
                "If you lead through fear you will have little to respect; but if you lead through respect, you will have little to fear."


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                  Originally posted by L.A Sheriff View Post
                  Thanks Lt. But that sounds like a management move to me. You must work for LASD... lol
                  Actually, I'm retired from the state, but aside from the LA Times article, I can speak to this from my own experience.

                  I bought in Manhattan Beach in 1985. At first the payments were a killer but after a couple of years my department's cost of living increases brought my salary up to the point that things became tolerable. A couple of years after that and it was cheaper than paying rent. Nine years later and I had enough saved to make a down payment on a second house in Newport Beach. When I moved, I rented out the Manhattan house and its income was more than enough to cover Manhattan's house payments, insurance, taxes, etc.

                  Like Manhattan, the payments on Newport were difficult at first. However, as cost of living increases were added to my salary, things got more and more comfortable. Now, both houses are paid off. I live in Newport and continue to rent Manhattan out. The rental income provides a generous supplement to my retirement check. They were the best investments I ever made.
                  Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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                    A good number of the LASD laterals have been from MCJ; three of whom worked 1750. They went through the sixteen week FTO program with very little problems.

                    Let me just make this clear: The busiest station at RSO is NOTHING like working Century or 77th. Those deputies and officers have my upmost respect and earn every penny they get. I've been told that Jurupa Valley is equivalent to something like Temple and Moreno Valley is equivalent to something like Norwalk. However, there are nights you'll take eight writtens and have no chance to eat...

                    For Davjon, Deputy Soto came from Whittier PD...
                    The Thousandth Man


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                      I think sometimes the Inland Empire and its law enforcement and fire agencies get a bad rap of being second-rate or "Po-Dunk." Like I previously stated, Los Angeles, in my opinion, is on the forefront of these occupations but nearby agencies have to deal with the same day to day issues, albeit on a smaller scale.

                      I was born in LA and raised in Norwalk, Lynwood and Long Beach before moving to Riverside in 2002. Despite the distance, I still get to visit friends in LA, catch a Dodger's game, eat at King Taco and have drinks at the Yard House in Pasadena. You'd be surprised to know that most of the people I contact, civilians and crooks, have moved from the greater LA area.
                      The Thousandth Man


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                        I've heard good things from RSO deputies. I have a few guys in my Airforce Reserve unit that work for them, and they love it. I left LA County for a smaller department in OC. Best decision I have ever made. LASD treats each other like ****, and thats why they treat the public like **** also.


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                          Thanks again for you reply. I've been talking family and friends about it and they just say, what ever makes you happy.

                          RSO sounds like a nice department to work for and with all the great stories from 1tymer makes the job seem like a success.

                          Thanks again guys. I will let you know what happens.
                          "If you lead through fear you will have little to respect; but if you lead through respect, you will have little to fear."


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