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LAPD Accidental Discharge in San Diego


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  • LAPD Accidental Discharge in San Diego

    Does anyone have the circs on this? The officer who had the AD sounds like an "A" player in the Metropolitan Division but some people were crucifying him on the LAPD blog...The link is below:

    Los Angeles: One off duty Los Angeles Police Officer was seriously injured by an accidental discharge of a firearm. On Sunday, August 24, 2008 at about 8:13 p.m., three off duty Los Angeles Police Officers were in a guest room...
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    Your post is the first I have seen on the incident. Tragic at the very least.

    From what I know about LAPD, the AD officer is looking at some time in the rain. ADs used to be good for one day. I don't know what they are now.

    Fortunately that victim officer appears to be recovering and will not suffer any long term effects. Let's pray so!

    The blog pretty much covers a lot of the issues - pro and con - concerning the incident.

    It will be at least three months before IA makes their recommendations concerning the incident.
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      That's too bad that such a GOOD officer made such a BAD decision. Sometimes, we have to fall on our swords though...
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        So were these guys just showing off each others off duty weapons when the guy NDed into the other cop? Ouch.
        "Officer, you are kinda hot."

        "And you are kinda intoxicated."


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          Made our paper, but I usually don't like to post negative stuff.

          L.A. police officer shoots colleague in San Diego

          5:47 p.m. August 25, 2008
          LOS ANGELES – Authorities say an off-duty Los Angeles police officer accidentally shot and wounded his colleague in a San Diego hotel room.
          In a statement Monday, the Los Angeles Police Department says Officer Christopher Campagna was in a hotel Sunday with two friends – both Los Angeles police officers – when the accident occurred.

          Police say Campagna was holding a .38-caliber revolver that he thought was unloaded, but it went off and a bullet struck one of his companions in the abdomen.

          The victim was not identified. He had surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

          Campagna has been with the LAPD for five years.

          Department spokeswoman Officer Juliann Sohn says the men were in San Diego for an off-duty social gathering.
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            Thanks for the blog link- it answers some recent questions I had. I spent last week riding around with a new lateral hire, leaving after 13 years with the LAPD. We call it Home Lt. Week which is just another name for new employee orientation.
            With any lateral, the obvious first question is, "Why are they leaving a well paying job to work for us?" I couldn't quite grasp what my new officer meant when he tried to describe the culture of animosity and negativity that exists between too many LAPD officers. Well, there it was- right there in print for me to read. A terrible accident happened and the peanut gallery jury returns their verdicts in record time- then they threaten those who don't agree with them.
            It's almost as bad as the accident.


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