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Low on References...


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  • Low on References...

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    Interested too...I can only come up with 3 people that have known me for 5 years or longer (dont really keep in touch with anyone since I moved out of state for college).


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      Does SDSO want any 6 references or do they want 3 friends and 3 co-workers? San Diego PD wants 10 references (5 friends and 5 co-workers). Also do they specify that you need to know them for 2 years or is it 5 years? Why don't you get the remaining two you need from work. You could probably even use a supervisor. Oh yeah, what's the essay they want you to write for the PHS. I just took the test last Wednesday.


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          Thanks for the info.


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            I'm not a BI, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

            Anyway, I think they take the names you give them and then ask those people if there is anyone else they can talk to that also knows you. They are going to try to get away from the names you gave them, because they know you are going to give them only people who say nice things about you.

            There have to be other people in your life who have met you and would like to help you in any way they could. Here's a list I came up with off the top of my head:

            The human resources person where you work
            Your clergyman (or other people at your place of worship)
            Family friends (friends of your parents)
            Neighbors/former neighbors
            The clerk at the grocery store you frequent
            Former grade school/high school teachers
            Your attorney
            Your physician
            Your boss
            Your former boss
            Your landlord (former landlord)
            Your significant other (SO)
            Your SO's parents
            Your mechanic

            I think BIs don't necessarily want people who know your blood type, but just want to find out from people with whom you come into day-to-day contact who can make general observations like your attitude, your demeanor, your personality, etc.
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            Those who are successful at what they do don't give a rip about what others think about them.

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