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Release from Probation


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  • Release from Probation

    Every application I complete asks something like, "Have you ever been fired (or terminated) or asked to resign from any position?"

    For this purpose, is being released from probation the same as being "fired" or "terminated"?

    I've heard some say it's not the same due to the fact that you can be released for any reason or no reason.

    Let me hear some opinions.

    Oh, did I mention usually there is one line allowed to explain the circumstances.
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    I'm curious to this same line of questioning. I was fired from my old position due to salary negotations, but I was a temp worker for a temporary organization. Thus, the company who ended my contract couldn't fire me per se, since the temp agency still kept me aboard because of my skills and work ethic. When I previously filled out an LAPD application I put that I had never been terminated, because I hadn't, even though I was let go by the company with the contract.

    I figured if it ever came up all I would have to do was explain the situaton from a logic standpoint (go legal expertise!!!).


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      Apply for a job with the State of California. They don't screw around with stuff like that. Their instructions for filling out the application are very clear:

      Question 5—Employment History/Discharges. Question 5 must
      be answered by all applicants. You must answer ‘Yes’ if you have
      ever, because of poor performance or misconduct, been fired,
      dismissed, or terminated from a job, or had an employment
      contract terminated. Explain any “Yes” answers in Item 12.
      Include the facts in brief, the grounds for any action taken against
      you, and the circumstances under which you left the position.

      In completing this application, you do not need to answer “Yes” to
      Question 5 if:

      • you have been rejected during a probationary period; or
      • your employer withdrew the firing, dismissal,
      termination, or contract termination (either voluntarily or
      as part of a settlement agreement); or
      • a court or administrative agency overturned or revoked
      the firing, dismissal, termination, or contract termination.

      If asked about past employment history by a prospective employer
      during the hiring process or probationary period, however,
      applicants are required to tell the truth regarding any firing,
      dismissal, termination, contract termination or rejection during
      probationary period, whether or not the action was overturned,
      revoked, or withdrawn (either voluntarily by the employer or, as
      part of a settlement agreement). Applicants are also required to
      provide factually correct information on the “Employment
      History” section of the application (Item No. 15).
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        Bark, Try This Job

        I suspect you will outqualify all of the applicants. In spite of what it says, I understand they will consider candidates who are not NM certified.

        POLICE CHIEF - Village of Columbus
        The Village of Columbus is seeking a full-time Police Chief. Annual salary maximum is $40,000. Applicants must be in good mental and physical health, have a high school or equivalent education, pass a physical and psychological examination and pass an oral interview. Applicants must be New Mexico certified law enforcement officers, submit to a background investigation, may be required to pass a basic intelligence test and be at least 18 years of age. Submit applications to Mayor Eddie S. Espinoza, Village of Columbus City Hall Office, 214 W. Broadway Ave., P.O. Box 350, Columbus New Mexico 88029. Position is open until filled. EOE
        Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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