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    I have finally decided that LE is for me. I really want to attend the AST academy, but recently found out that there will not be a academy in 09, so I will just have to wait until 2010.

    I was wondering if you guys could tell me what might help my chances of getting in? I have some college, and no LE experience. What is the academy like? What is the pay like when you get in? Do they try to put you where you would like to go, or do you just go where they need you? I'm ok with both, just curious though.

    Anything that I should do this next year to prepare myself (other than staying in shape)?

    Thanks alot!

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    Let me preface this by saying I'm not a trooper nor have the desire to be. However, if I were in your position I would try to finish school. Not many people in LE have four year degrees or higher. When I was a city officer among 53+ others there were only six of us with bachelor's degrees and ironically three of those were on my shift. Their (ASP) academy is very rigorous and boot camp oriented. I think the pay is decently liveable. Often you're sent where needed although the recent trend in troopers that I know is that they're put near their home area. In the past it seemed like they were purposely placed across the state from their home region. I'd stay in good shape (run, situps, pushups, etc, weights) and learn to cope with mental and emotional stress. There's an easy to read book called Arkansas Criminal Law by Adam J. McKee, Ph.D. that could help you in any of your police volitions. I think it was written for the novice, but it's a great book for review purposes also. In the meantime you might consider becoming a reserve officer somewhere or do some ride alongs.


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      Thanks very much for the info. I am living in MS right now (had to transfer with my job) and I am going to try to get into the reserve's with the county here. I am just worried about the commitment time, but I am checking on that. I will go anywhere in Arkansas I need to go, it's just me and my wife, and she is flexible and very supportive of my career choice and it's possible requirements. I am going to pick up that book too, thanks!


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