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  • Little Rock Desperate for Quality

    Did anyone see the story on the News ( about needing 20-30 officers. The story stated that out of 550-600 application they may get 50 that pass the checks and all stages. That means half qualified will be hired. Pretty good chances.

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    If you have a good work history etc you have a great chance. We have had people apply who have multiple dwis....its crazy sometimes. You have to wonder if they're not sitting at home watching cops going I think i want to be a cop.

    I used to sit on the interview board at my previous department and Im telling you, you would never believe the stories. If they get 50 that pass background I would be supprised. good luck


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      Passed Already

      Passed Test, PT, BI, Medical, Psych, Drug and Oral Boards for class last April but was pushed to this class because I needed to have Lasek. They were going to waive me for that I think but I insisted on having it done before I started. Been in contact with them and all lokks a go for January. Would just have to pass the eye exam to verify I had the surgery. My vision is now 20/25 from 20/800 or worse. Seeing is a wonderful thing. Thanks for the good luck wish. They graduate what would have been my class on Friday. Started with 16 down to 12 any ideas why people dropped.


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        There are a number of reasons. Some people get there and think oh crap what have I done. Some just cant or dont pass the tests


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          We actually graduated with 11 from 16. Some people just can't come to grips with police work (i.e. carrying a gun, the possibility of getting shot or having to shot someone else). Three quit in the first week. I guess they couldn't take the physical requirements of the academy. The instructors are going to break you down all the way and build you up stronger. If you can't take it, you are going to be weeded out. One quit in week five because they said it wasn't for them. Unfortunately we lost the fifth recruit in week 16 due to a motorcycle accident involving him and his fiance. However, he will be in class #68.


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            Heard from BI today

            There are three of us already cleared to start the academy the first week of January. Can you share your first week physical activity. I was supposed to be in Class 67 but had Lasek first just in case it did not work. Did not want to relocate to nothing.

            Congrats on graduation.

            Did you start shift immediately or is there a slight break? Around when does the academy become "normal" and less of a break you down exercise.



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              Thanks I appreciate it.

              You are going to do a lot of running the first week. You are also going to pay a lot of penance for mistakes you make (i.e. push-ups, leg lifts, Russian squats, etc.). Keep in mind, the push-ups aren't the typical up-down-up-down. We broke the record for doing 30 push-ups in 28+ minutes. Your class is going to be worse off probably because there is more room for mistakes with 30 recruits, we only had 12. Just accept that you are going to have to do it, do it and push through it.

              Of course every class is going to be different depending on your lead instructor. With that being said, our class became normal between weeks 6 and 8. The training staff is going to break you down to your lowest level and then build you up stronger than you ever were before. You won't understand it during the process, but you'll appreciate it once it's through. You should always stay on top of your game though, because as soon as get relaxed, you'll pay.

              I graduated on a Friday and went to work the next night. Some of us went to work the next morning and some of us had the weekend off. It just depends on the days your FTO has off.

              Learn as much as you can in the academy and have fun. You'll have one of our recruits in your class and he will be able to help you guys out a lot. Good luck.


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