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Mesa and Scottsdale testing


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  • Mesa and Scottsdale testing

    Hellol, I will be flying down to test with mesa and scottsdale in a few weeks, could someone please tell me about the written exams, difficult? How could i better prepare myself? really looking forward to getting down there. thanks all.

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    Pms are welcome, thanks


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      Don't fret. They are not difficult. Basic math, reading comprehension, spelling and grammar. You'll do fine.

      Good Luck

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        Scottsdale has some memorization, if that is something you can study/practice.
        While I was in phase 5 of FTO, I was driving to a burglary in progress and the first three units were nearing the house:

        SGT (on the radio): "Ok, lets have two in the front, and one in the rear."

        Me (not on the radio): "Sounds like the Sgt wants the shocker!"

        My FTO almost rolled out of the car laughing.


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          Wear a CTR ring, and be able to cite passages from the Book of Mormon when you test with Mesa...
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            Choose The Right


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              Originally posted by DaisyCutter View Post
              Wear a CTR ring, and be able to cite passages from the Book of Mormon when you test with Mesa...
              Is having the background of a mormon schoolboy good enough, or do I need to know actual passages?


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                CTR, Choose the right? some inside joke I'm missing here?


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                  No inside joke. Choose The Right is what CTR stands for. Mormons wear that ring or will have that sticker on their car.


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                    Basically here in AZ it is ok to bash mormons. I dont know why, but it makes for great sport here.

                    Every cop who works for Mesa is a mormon...at least thats what daisy will have you believe.

                    Of course daisy is prob mad mesa didnt hire him and lives in Gilbert where there are twice as many mormons per capita than mesa does BTW. I bet he loves that.

                    It is awful stupid to post anything remotely insensitive or discriminatory towards any legally protected class- esp on a cop website.

                    Mark Fuhrman used the "N" word in a playwrite a decade before the OJ trial. They were able to hold that against him and label him a racist although he was just reading a script.

                    Everyone including cops have their biases- you just dont ever say it or publish it. It may come back to haunt you some day.

                    Anyway- food for thought.
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