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A year ago tomorrow...


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  • A year ago tomorrow...

    A year ago tomorrow (July 27th) the life of PHX PD Officer Cortez was taken.

    I want to take the time to remember Off. Cortez and all other officers wounded and taken in the line of duty.

    Everytime I hear of an officer down or officer wounded it affects me, but Off. Cortez's story hit me at a different level. Maybe it's because it happened less than a mile from my home... Maybe it's because I remember seeing the speeding patrol cars of his fellow officers rushing to his aide, as I was at an ATM getting money for a night out with my friends ... Maybe it's because I saw the blocked streets as they were searching for the suspects. Maybe it's because everytime I passed the "location", I saw a growing memorial of flowers and notes... Maybe, maybe, maybe.

    I went to the site yesterday, and plan on going again tomorrow, to express gratitude for his service and show my respects to him and all.
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    his family will be in my prayers tonight.


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      That was a crazy night, I was pulling into Maryvale Station when that call came out. Oddly, my entire squad, and a motor squad were all less than a mile away when that call hit, we had so many units responding that we had to call units from Metro East and Metro West to cover our area ( Central ). I know we give each other a lot of inter-agency rivalry crap, but that night, the level of cooperation was like nothing I'd ever seen.
      I cleared that QT right down from the check cashing place with PHX PD and MCSO, we had GIITEM guys doing traffic control ( that shooting was right by the pavillion where Rush was playing ), Peoria PD, Glendale, everyone showed up and did all they could.
      I remember when we got the order for the perimeter to break down from our LT., we were already 3 hours over our 10-7 time, and let me tell you, no one wanted to leave - absolutely no one. I was acting SGT. that night and had to tell my guys three times to pack it in and head home, and this was after the LT had to tell everyone over the radio twice, that we were done.
      I left a lot of stuff out for OPSEC and also, some things we witnessed shouldn't be posted on an internet message board.
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        I was there that night....had just got on duty and finished filling up my car when the call came out....I can remember thinking the whole drive over from Central City that it was a mistake and it was just some security guard. (I know pretty crappy of me to think that but when it's one of your own your mind wanders) I stayed over in Maryvalle until about 0530 or so helping out with different perimeters due to all the leads we were getting. Overall it was one of the crappiest days I've had in Phoenix because along with the shooting that was the day the News Choppers crashed.


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          I was there...in communications at least. I was actually at home and heard there was a 999, so I called in to find out if it was anyone I knew. I offered to come in if they needed more help and they took me up on it. I was only there for 4 hours, but I ended up getting the 911 call from Rose's girlfriend around 0200. I remember the call word for word. She wanted a reward for turning him in. I guess she didn't know about the felony murder rule. She wasn't on very long, but the 911 supervisor was able to get a last known address from the cell company. It was just over the border into MCSO's territory. We dispatched as a 927 and a bunch of you guys converged on the house. Iirc, they were found hiding in a closet in the house after SAU entered a few hours later. I wonder if the tape of my call will be played at the trial? When is that anyway...anyone know?

          Another dispatcher's husband was the first unit there afterwards (Mary unit) and they were attempting CPR on George.


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