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Talk to me about Yuma County SO


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  • Talk to me about Yuma County SO

    I will be looking to relocate to AZ from TX here in the next 2 years, I am starting to look around now because one thing I have learned with age is the older you get, the faster time seems to go by.

    One of the agencies I am looking into is Yuma County SO, the main reason for this is that I am addicted to Criminal Highway Interdiction, I love hunting dope. Obviously Yuma County is prime hunting grounds being on the boarder, but does anyone know anything about the agency??

    OT Pay, PT job availablilty, Morale, Do deputies there have time to do interdiction or are they slaves to the radio constantly running calls?

    Are there any "nice" Places to live and raise a family in Yuma County? Not sure about AZ, but here in TX, your border towns and counties tend to be desolate and a little lower on the 'desireable" scale.

    Any information is appreciated and please keep your post related to YCSO, there are other agencies I am looking at, but I want to know about this one for now.

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    In addition to YCSO, try AZ DPS. With an assignment in Pima, Pinal, or Yuma county you will get alot of interdiction. Also try the Flagstaff area as I-40 gets alot of drug traffic too.
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      If you are a big Highway Interdiction guy, YCSO may not be the right choice. YCSO deals with a lot of DV's and burglaries and the always enjoyable barking dog calls. They do a lot of other things and work some pretty serious crimes as well but, for the most part, what I said at the beginning is their day-to-day routine.


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        Don't the new deputy's usually work the jail for a while too?

        if you're looking for the drug route, try DPS or Border Patrol.

        as far as good places to live, check out zip codes 85365 and 85367. it's considered the "foothills" area of Yuma. it's further away from the border, not really in town, but still close enough to everything, but far enough away to a "quite area." it's mainly old people, border patrol, military, and cops in our area.


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