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DPS test-anyone heard back?


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  • DPS test-anyone heard back?

    Hey all,

    I took the DPS PFT/written/oral board may 15th, got the letter with my scores and said I was 25th on the eligibility list (I don't know how many people are on the list, so I don't know if that's good, bad?) and handed in my background packet, told it would be another week or two and I'd get a letter telling me to come in and do the poly. Still waiting on that one, has anyone else who tested then gotten it? How long does it usually take?


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    Depends on the number of people and of course available appointments and all that other good stuff.

    I took my test in February. Failed the oral.

    I retook the oral on April 19ish and placed 55th

    By May 16 2007 they have already checked my credit. May 24th got my DQ'd letter. I have since paid the two collections on my credit. Now I am waiting again for them to process my file and go on with the process.

    I know someone who tested with me in February and got called for poly within three weeks. He was above 150

    So long story short. It all depends. It is a waiting game now. Welcome to my world.
    It is going to be oh so worth it. I would love an academy date in the fall. It would be oh so BEAUTIFUL !!
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      Welcome back Ritchie. DPS is pretty quick on thier hiring process. I went through in '06 and was ranked 13th on the elegilibility list. I was DQ'd by the oral psych. Myself and the psych. just couldn't find a common ground, I was told by a DPS Recruiting Officer that DPS has had problems in the past with different psych.'s

      My whole process from start to finish was 10 weeks, had I passed the psych. I would have been hired and working in 11 weeks.

      Don't give up and try other agencies, I have since applied to other agencies and passed thier psych with no problems, the whole process heavily depends on personal views and opinions. You never know what the interviewer is thinkng.

      Good Luck.


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        Originally posted by FordMan View Post
        Welcome back Ritchie.
        Next time someone comes on and post about how they were hired and were getting kicked off the force within two months because they could not keep their mouth shut...........

        remind me to keep my mouth

        Originally posted by FordMan View Post
        You never know what the interviewer is thinkng.
        Your mood for THATday plus the interviewer's mood for THAT day. that is all it was.


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          would just like to echo the above...welcome back of luck to you with DPS.


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