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Help on AZ gun laws


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  • Help on AZ gun laws

    hey guys..looking for a little help here. i am making the drive cross country to AZ from jersey with all of my stuff. i was curious about what i needed to do as far as my firearms are concerned with the state of AZ. in NJ, to possess any firearm you must have a Firearm ID card which has to be applied for thru your towns chief of police, get fingerprinted, and then wait close to 6 months for approval..u can then purchase any type of long purchase a handgun, in addition to the FID card you must also go to the chief and acquire separate "permit to purchase a handgun form". this must also be approved by the chief and then is valid for 3 months...if you dont purchase the gun, the form expires and you must do it again...SO my question is..what do i need to do to legally possess my firearms in my new state (AZ)...any kind of transfers??? do i need to contact my local pd??

    just want to make sure everything is legit.


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    ... i can go to the pawn shop down the street buy a gun in 5 minutes and walk aroudn town holding it in my hand pointing down if i wanted to... legally.

    could strap on a old west gun belt and wlk around downtown phoenix with duel 6 shooters to heh arizona aslong as you dont hide the gun your safe.

    you can go to a 3 hour class and then you can hide the gun to

    so as you can see guns laws are more of a joke then a reality in AZ


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      No such laws here. While driving in your vehicle with your weapon make sure its in a holster or some sort of gun case. If you are carrying it on your person make sure it is not concealed.

      If you get pulled over by the police while your weapon is in your vehicle, DONT touch it, leave it where you have it, put your hands on your stearing wheel and the first words out of your mouth to the officer better be "I have a firearm in the car". Even though its legal cops dont like surprises.

      Welcome to Arizona.


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        thnx overcharged and mgrif, much i guess as long as i have all of my paperwork i am good to go...


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          You dont need any paperwork there is no firearm registration in AZ, Welcome to AZ . However make sure you check the laws for all states you will be traveling through as that may be a problem and worth a little bit of a reroute if needed. Check the book Firearms guide to the fifty states it is a good quick reference while traveling.


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            I moved from New York to Phoenix in 98. When doing so I checked into gun laws and do not remember where I found it but found that if you are traveling from one state you legally possess a weapon to another state you will legally possess a weapon you can travel through all other states while going from point A to B with the weapon as long as the weapon is packed away for transportation. I had a permit in New York. I packed my two firearms in the back of the car with no ammo.

            The best thing is to just be smart about it. If you have a permit form Jersey I would have it available and have it packed away in the car.


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