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Having alot of problems


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  • Having alot of problems

    I'm trying to complain about residents out here but it seems that I usually end up having alot of time with 911 and the police as far as their professionalism and getting them to respond. I was wondering if I could take them to court as a citizen without an attorney?

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    answer these questions first please

    what city do you live in
    what is the problem with neighbors.. exactly not generic things.

    are u wanting to take the police to court or the neighbors?



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      No disrespect intended sir, but I really hope that you are not calling 911 for loud music or cars revving. Those are not emergencies and you probably will get put on the back burner, along with being tagged as a habitual problem caller. The P.D.'s and Sheriff's have to take calls as they are priortized and quite frankly those calls could transfer to different shifts, who are in turn going to base response on priority. Simple nuisance calls are not a high priority and most likely if a response is made, there will not be any paper taken on them, especially if it is not occuring in the officer's presence. You stated that you live in a rural area, which does not help either, but I think you need to contact the county and see what course of action you can take i.e., city or county ordinances.

      Having lived in the country myself, one must endure things that would not necessarily happen in the city. Confronting the problem is a delicate matter, because one must ask the question of "is this just an annoyance and am I making something out of nothing"? Now nobody should be playing loud music at 3 or 4 a.m. I will grant you that, but it appears by your postings that you yourself may be trying to play the neighborhood sheriff.

      I empathize with your employment situation, but it sounds like you do need a controlled neighborhood, so do all you can do to get out of where you are at. I firmly believe that youth should be respectful, but they are going to be kids also. If you have ever had kids yourself, you know that they know how to push your buttons, but if you ignore it they will go away. Now, if you become in fear of your safety then call 911, but don't for loud music and arming yourself does not sound like a viable answer to your issues. The police care about you and all citizens, but citizens must understand that their problem is not always the most important or the only problem going on. Again, check with your county on a civil course of action.


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