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  • Mcso

    I noticed on the MCSO website that they are hiring Detention Officers, but it doesn't seem to give much information regarding the physical requirements. The pay is good and I think it would be a great opportunity for some experience before I apply to any of the local police departments. Does anyone have any information?
    I also know that they have a 9 week academy which apparently is nothing like the ALEA. Any information on the physical requirements would be helpful.

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    They do not have any physical requirements - Seriously. As for using it to gain experiance, thats what I did and it worked great as a stepping stone!
    "In GOD we trust... All others are run through NCIC."


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      I just wondering if anyone knew whether they offer a better pay scale or bonus for having a 4-year degree in a related field?


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        Thanks Sheriff0880,
        I'm pretty fit anyway, just could stand to lose a FEW pounds. Sit ups are my biggest problem at this point...
        How easy was it to get hired as a Detention Officer for MCSO? Is the hiring process as rigorous as it is to be a LEO?
        BTW- Would you mind telling me what prison/jail you're assigned to?


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          Originally posted by Integraautox View Post
          I just wondering if anyone knew whether they offer a better pay scale or bonus for having a 4-year degree in a related field?
          education has no impact on the detention officer pay scale.

          one scale for all officers.

          you require certain educaiton to promote at some point though or othwer waivers.

          detention is good resume booster for non military or simply young people with alot of short term jobs. work for a year or 2 at the county then apply to be a cop elseware.... couse they fire more do's who apply as deputies then they hire.


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            Actually, they do have physical requirements...that being said, they're definately achievable by most people.

            1.5 mile run in 19:09
            4 Push-ups (I've really only seen females have a problem with these)
            14 Sit-ups (Quite a few people have trouble here)

            Our standards are the same as Scottsdale's...
            We're hurting sooo bad for officers right now, that they will push you through the academy, but they won't take complete dumbasses (most of the time )

            Overcharged is correct, county fires more DO's who apply for Deputy than we actually hire. If the BI's find any differences in your DO background packet and your Deputy background packet, good luck keeping your job. I can't stress how anal MCSO is about honesty and truthfullness. You lie, you die.

            It makes a great stepping stone if you want to go sworn to any other agency besides MCSO, and every young DO I work with loves their job.
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              Thanks for the info, C2CXJR.
              I went to their orientation today and I applied. We made an appointment to see my BI on June 21st too. Long wait, but this job is totally worth it.
              Fortunately I don't have anything serious in my background that they'll have to worry about, but even then I'm going to tell them everything with 100% truthfulness. :-)
              If I don't lie, I won't die. 8-)


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                ya they recently added those ush up sit up requirements when i did it we had peopel taking 30 minutes on the 1.5 mile, peopel who couldnt walk up stairs without a gaterade etc.

                as for the whole fireing over do/ deputy packet differences its not even lies if you say apr 1995 on one and mar 1995 on another for some old high school job or somthing they will fire for silluy **** that is a simple meemory mistake also.

                make a copy of your packet for DO before u turn it in.


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